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Monthly archives:November 2013

  • Three Point Perspective Drawing with Illustration

  • Hey explorers! I am back again with a new topic. After illustrating you one and two point perspective drawing, I will be discussing the three point perspective drawing now ;). As, three point perspective also concludes One and Two vanishing point study, So before understanding this point of perspective, you'll have to learn about one and two point perspective which are being discussed earlier . No[...]
  • One-Point Perspective Illustration With Example

  • A very pleasant day to all the readers :). In this article you'll get to know about perspective drawing. perspective is an important topic for knowledge, It is however necessary to know not only for art students but also for the people involved in certain fields such as animation, graphic designing, photography, architecture and many more. Perspective is another way to create drawings with the dep[...]
  • Unnatural Old Wrinkled Eye Pencil Color Sketch

  • 'Eyes' are the most expressive and attractive part of human face. Even while talking to someone, eyes play a vital role in imparting a good impression :). Just like that when drawing portraits, it is important to draw eyes of various forms and types . Drawing a real or natural eye isn't simply a matter of drawing lines specially when drawn with pencil colors. However, in this tutorial, i will illu[...]
  • Ogee Shaped Craft-Foam Hanging

  • Here I am again with an another beautiful hanging. This Ogee shaped craft-foam hanging tutorial looks absolutely modern and sleek. This simple foam craft turns into an amazing result that can't stop getting admiration. Material Needed: ♠ Craft foam/ felt ♠ Craft knife ♠ Colorful thread ♠ Hot glue ♠ Scale ♠ Colorful Beads. Steps to be followed: Step 1: Take a piece of a form or felt an[...]
  • Charcoal Drawing and Tips

  • Charcoal is one of the oldest medium used in drawing. It's been used by early man for cave drawing. The charcoal you used in art class in elementary schools' is probably compressed charcoal, which is powdered charcoal that is mixed with gum binder and then compressed into sticks. The amount of binder used determines how hard or soft the stick will be. This is also a type used in charcoal pencils. [...]
  • Decorative Diyas(Oil / Wax Lamps) Using Waste CD's

  • Hey fellas! Here i am agian with a new project based on the greatest indian festival, Diwali or Deepavali.  The interesting part of Diwali decoration is Diya decoration and arranging them in beautiful ways. This Craft is an amazing and unique idea for Diya decoration which you might not have thought of ;). As, Diwali is just one day after and I am pretty excited to light these colourful diyas and [...]