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Monthly archives:December 2013

  • Cool Monster Face Boxes

  • Cardboard boxes are great items to be used in craft making. Many of you may have in abundance of it (ha-ha! as your mom's didn't want to dispose them away because she might think of using them again in future but unfortunately that day never comes! ;) , So here's is the right way of using them :) . However, those who don’t have any of such boxes (the exceptional ones) can easily collect them by do[...]
  • Floral Print Nail-Art

  • Howdy Girls! I am back again with another trendy Mani :). Springy season is recognized as the season of flowers or floras. Fashion's on going love affair with floral prints continues for Spring and Summers. So this time I've brought you a real voguish nail art design, 'floral print nail art'. However floral prints are suited for all occasions, but spring and summer are best suited for flower print[...]
  • Four-point and Five-point Perspective Illustration

  • Perspective drawing that goes beyond one, two, three point perspective, is four point perspective and after that is five Point Perspective drawing. Previously I have illustrated  one, two and three point perspective drawing with examples, Now it's a time to discuss Four & Five Point Perspective Drawing with illustrations that gives you the clear picture of the topic ;). Four point perspective [...]