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Monthly archives:January 2014

  • An Old Man Portrait with Soft Pastels

  • Dry Pastels, in some regions, is well known as colored chalks and soft pastels. These are available in Pastel pencils, Soft pastel sticks and hard pastels. Pastels provides us with the best of both painting and drawing. Traditionally, chalk is used as a binder, but today several other materials are also used as an alternate. Pastels allow you to add vibrant colors together to create a soft look. I[...]
  • Realistic Pencil Colored Portrait of a Girl

  • Coloured pencils are one of those mediums that are best suited for all age groups interested in drawing. Drawing with this medium can be real fun but turning those actual colors on a paper can be bit tough ;) but don't worry I will help you to the best :). All you need to do is to colour heavily or at least build up your colour gradually so that the colours that are formed are intense and complex.[...]