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Monthly archives:October 2014

  • Sugar Spun Nail Art

  • Hello and welcome to all of our nail lovelies!  I have something really exciting to share with you all. As we all must wanna get rid of our old nail polishes but we love them so much that we don't even want to throw them off. So the idea is to get you a new way to manicure nails using old and thick nail polishes.  But remember, here 'old' does not mean expired nail paints but the one which are not[...]
  • Easy Paper Quilling

  • Quilling is also known as paper filigree or twirled paper technique. The quilling work looks very pleasant. It may look quite difficult to make but they are in fact very easy if you know the basics. It is based on the technique of rolling narrow strips of paper into coils which are arranged in different decorative pattern. Most of all can be created just by making the simple coils. The time whe[...]