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Monthly archives:January 2015

  • Handmade Holiday Banner

  • Welcome my lovely art freaks! As you all know winter is on it's peak in India. It is one of my favorite time of the year as Christmas is coming, but don't let Christmas sneak up on you. So, start preparing now with this lovely craft I will be illustrating today so that you can enjoy your beautiful days with your friends and family. Make your own decorative Garland piece and save money. Today, w[...]
  • Gift Box using Tape Roll

  • Hello my lovely art fellas! It's marriage festive season going on here and also I'm excited for my birthday coming up next month. You know, the best about birthdays or any other occasion is when you get blessings, wishes, love and "Presents". Everyone has a little child inside, no matter how old a person is, so do i am. I love getting presents and all of us know how nice it feels to receive presen[...]
  • Popsicle Stick Snowflakes

  • Hello my lovely art freaks! Winters has came already here and Christmas is coming. Every one is busy in decorating their work place and homes. Thus, here I am with a new Christmas craft. In this Christmas craft we'll be making hanging snowflakes using Popsicle sticks. Though, we had created some Popsicle Stick Crafts before also but definitely every article is on a new and different concept ;). In[...]
  • Sparkled Lamps using plastic bottle

  • Hello to all my friends! Hope everyone of you are having a wonderful weekend. :) As we know that all of us are very fond of cold drinks , sodas and other aerated drinks but have we ever thought of making the use of the bottles left over afterwards??? According to the facts, this year, more than 250 billion pounds of plastic is created with very little of that production ever being recycled. The[...]