About us

Overview :

artXplorez  is  founded by Nitin Singh & Ojal Sharma on March 20, 2013. From the beginning, the organisation was started on the principle of building and implementing great ideas that drives into incredible creativity. We have been an organisation focused on bringing great innovative ideas and exploring various forms of art for all the ages. Our motive behind this website is to explore and enhance the artists ability and encourage their  artistic talent.

Our Mission ” Energise, Involve and Enable communities to realize their talent & potential “. 

What we provide :

We believe that  every art is beautiful and it should be respected & showcased well, whether it is drawing, dancing, singing, acting, painting, designing or else. We here, provide a platform for the people to learn various forms of art in the easiest and interesting way. Therefore our website includes multiple sections such as Drawing & Illustrations, DIY Crafts, Paintings, Art & Crafts , Dance Freaks and lot more. We have also focused in displaying the talents of the people on this website so that they can have a worldwide fame and shine, For this they need to contact us and submit their content. At last, we do not want anyone to be missed from the opportunity of being known globally for their talent. 🙂