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Author archives: Ojal Sharma

  • Lady Bird Nail Art Design

  • Hey fellas! Do you love making nail art ??  but finish with everything messed up around or don’t know the right way to do it exactly the way you want. So today I've got a treat for all those beginners who love doing nail art but are not so good with those skills.  All you need to do is just follow the grounded steps :  What You Need :  ♥ Black nail paint  ♥ Red nail paint  ♥ Black nail art pen[...]
  • Ice Cream Stick Flower Design

  • Flower Making You might have made flowers out of paper, fabric, plastic spoons etc. Well I have got even a better idea to make flowers. Why don’t you try flowers made up of ice cream sticks, these are much easier than those complicated stuff. Ice -cream sticks are also called as Popsicle Sticks. These are light wooden sticks that are commonly used to hold your ice cream bars. everybody is talking[...]
  • Basics of Colored Pencil Sketching

  • Hello 'xplorerz'! The medium we will be exploring today is pencil colors. Some people are very much addicted of blending rather than shading/sketching with pencils. Using your fingers to blend is never a good idea with color pencils as is doesn't really blend, infact it puts oil on the paper that makes it look dirty, too much used and the freshness of drawing is also moves away. This article intro[...]
  • Spiral Window Hanging

  • In this world where everything feels so beautiful, I always like to have a glance of the things around me and imagine that how can I bring more beauty and innovation to that? Just like few days back when I was enjoying the very pleasant rainy weather with my favorite chocolate ice-cream ;) ,while sitting adjacent to my window; Then suddenly, an idea stroked in my mind that why don’t I try to mak[...]
  • Devotional Acrylic Paintings

  • Acrylic paints  are  fast drying paints. Hence, easy to use and less time consuming. It also gives a glossy effect to the painting. I love painting with acrylic paints. As painting is not really an easy task, I have got a certain number of informative tips that you should take in concern before painting:       Tips: ♣ Choose a right or the best material that you can afford. ♣ Buy a right qual[...]
  • Light Up Your Art Work (Using Oil Pastel)

  • Oil Pastels are very famous drawing / painting medium which consists of pigment mixed with a non-drying oil and wax binder. It is a soft medium almost similar to the crayons given to the primary grade students. Moreover, the surface of the oil pastel drawing or painting is non-powdery as it gives a textured effect and more typical to blend. These are also called as wax oil crayon. Oil Paste[...]
  • "Cute Piglet Nail-Art"

  • Hey girls, Today I'll present a beautiful manicure idea for you. This idea is  inspired from a very famous fictional character "Piglet" (Winnie-The Pooh's closest friend). Despite the fact that he was a very small animal yet cutest and favorite of all, specially lil' girls ;). Every girl relishes for pink shades either it be a dress, shoe, room, bag or pink nails. Thus, inspiring from that col[...]
  • P.O.P ( Plaster Of Paris) Craft

  • Hi friends! You might have worked with air dry clay for making basic sculptures and crafts projects. But have you ever thought to try Plaster of Paris?. So today i have come up with making of a craft project by using plaster of paris powder. Plaster of Paris is a great material for making sculptures and craft projects because it is easier to use and sets very fast. Scientifically, it is also calle[...]