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  • 3 Strand Braid Bracelet

  • This Friendship Day gift your dearest friend a bracelet made by your own hands :). This will make it  more special as you will be making it parallels by yourself by watching this tutorial on how to make a 3 braided bracelet. Bracelet given as a gift is charming, creates a deep emotional bond when tied to your dearest's wrist. It is one of the elegant thing, you may give to someone. Well, comin[...]
  • Ribbon 'n' Pearl Bracelet

  • Bracelet Making: "The friendship bracelet is a must. It seem never to be out of fashion and the best part is that we are able to do all this by ourselves and with an amazingly low budget. In this project I am gonna illustrate you a super chic handmade bracelet. I adore items which are handmade, I think it gives an edge of making it unique and special. Material Required : ♠ Needle ♠ Thread Ro[...]
  • Wire Wrap Ring Fashion Accessory

  • Ring Making  This wire wrap ring tutorial is a very fast and easy project. You can quickly make a many of these from bits of wire left over from other projects or from a pile of new wire. This is great jewelry-making project for teenagers. They’re comfortable and adjustable just the way you want. This may drawn a lot of attention especially to wear them as pinkie or toe rings. These rings are ve[...]