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Category archives: Cardboard Crafts

  • Gift Box using Tape Roll

  • Hello my lovely art fellas! It's marriage festive season going on here and also I'm excited for my birthday coming up next month. You know, the best about birthdays or any other occasion is when you get blessings, wishes, love and "Presents". Everyone has a little child inside, no matter how old a person is, so do i am. I love getting presents and all of us know how nice it feels to receive presen[...]
  • Photo Frame using Craft Foam

  • Craft Foam Projects are something that are absolutely safe for kids :). Well, I too love them because these are light weight, easy to handle, flexible and colorful. These are inspirational projects that are good to do with kids in your homes or in play schools. Craft Foam takes minute to shape and results in attractive and cute piece always. A pack of colorful foams and child-safe scissors can off[...]
  • Cool Monster Face Boxes

  • Cardboard boxes are great items to be used in craft making. Many of you may have in abundance of it (ha-ha! as your mom's didn't want to dispose them away because she might think of using them again in future but unfortunately that day never comes! ;) , So here's is the right way of using them :) . However, those who don’t have any of such boxes (the exceptional ones) can easily collect them by do[...]
  • Heart Shaped Photo-Frame

  • Photo-frame craft projects are always  a great way to create a special gift for those closest to us. This Candy Heart Shaped Frame craft project can be a sweet gift to be given to your loved ones. ;) To make this Red Heart Photo Frame, you'll need: ♥ Cardboard / mount-board ♥ Scissor / Knife ♥ Red acrylic paint ♥ Pencil ♥ Strong Adhesive ♥ Few Popsicle Stick ♥ Red and Green Pastel sheet [...]