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Category archives: Popsicle Sticks Crafts

  • Handmade Holiday Banner

  • Welcome my lovely art freaks! As you all know winter is on it's peak in India. It is one of my favorite time of the year as Christmas is coming, but don't let Christmas sneak up on you. So, start preparing now with this lovely craft I will be illustrating today so that you can enjoy your beautiful days with your friends and family. Make your own decorative Garland piece and save money. Today, w[...]
  • Popsicle Stick Snowflakes

  • Hello my lovely art freaks! Winters has came already here and Christmas is coming. Every one is busy in decorating their work place and homes. Thus, here I am with a new Christmas craft. In this Christmas craft we'll be making hanging snowflakes using Popsicle sticks. Though, we had created some Popsicle Stick Crafts before also but definitely every article is on a new and different concept ;). In[...]
  • Beach Board Photo Frame Using Popsicle Sticks

  • Hey Guys :), This Popsicle Stick craft is fun activity and easy to make!!. You can use Popsicle/ Ice-Cream sticks to make frames for some of your favourite photos. The craft stick picture frame provides a great base for kids to attach their photos instantly.  This Beach Board Photo Frame using Popsicle Sticks is a theme based frame. The theme that i used to make this frame is a view of beach. ;)[...]
  • Popsicle Stick Bow and Arrow

  • Popsicle / Ice-cream Stick Crafts are creative and functional too. I've already illustrated many Popsicle Stick crafts and here i am again with new one ;). This simple craft costs next to nothing. These are fun to make. Kids will  surely love this cool craft and so do elders. ;) XD Things Required : ♦ Few Popsicle/ Ice Cream Sticks ♦ A Cooking Pan ♦ A Drinking Glass ♦ Rubber band ♦ Scissor[...]
  • Popsicle Sticks Multipurpose Basket

  • Are you tired arranging your puzzled jewellery or accessories ?? then this Multipurpose basket  will gonna solve your trouble. I believe that beautiful jewelry should have a beautiful Handmade Jewellery Basket, but this Jewellery Basket has multipurpose use in addition to just jewelry. ;) It may look very time consuming craft project but it only takes about 30 minutes. Once completely dry it is s[...]
  • Ice-Cream Sticks Stationery Holder

  • Pen/Pencil stand Crafting with ice cream sticks or you may say lolly sticks is super fun. This pen/pencil stand looks antique. This craft can be used in many ways as an instance you may hold your pens/ pencils, paint brushes, craft scissors, glue and even toothbrushes or combs. So here i go with this ice-cream stick craft. Things You'll Need : ♦ A pack of good quality Ice-cream sticks ♦ 1 Ic[...]
  • Ice Cream Stick Flower Design

  • Flower Making You might have made flowers out of paper, fabric, plastic spoons etc. Well I have got even a better idea to make flowers. Why don’t you try flowers made up of ice cream sticks, these are much easier than those complicated stuff. Ice -cream sticks are also called as Popsicle Sticks. These are light wooden sticks that are commonly used to hold your ice cream bars. everybody is talking[...]
  • Spiral Window Hanging

  • In this world where everything feels so beautiful, I always like to have a glance of the things around me and imagine that how can I bring more beauty and innovation to that? Just like few days back when I was enjoying the very pleasant rainy weather with my favorite chocolate ice-cream ;) ,while sitting adjacent to my window; Then suddenly, an idea stroked in my mind that why don’t I try to mak[...]