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Category archives: Light and Shade

  • How to draw 3D object

  • Hello Art Xplorers! After a little while,  I am here again with a brand new article based on object light and shade. You will also explore lots of informative important tips on drawing a 2D object looking like  3D. Drawing a realistic drawing is not an easy task but with a little patience, practice and skills it becomes less complex. You know, the most important aspects of drawing while drawing re[...]
  • Drawing Birds Using Oil Pastels

  • Hie fellas! :-) It been a long time I haven't posted any of the art work, but today I am back again here with a new drawing. I will be illustrating on how to make a pair of a beautiful birds using Oil pastels. I have also posted an article on oil pastels before, however this time it's little different from the previous one. But before that, I would like to clear the confusion that many people have[...]
  • An Old Man Portrait with Soft Pastels

  • Dry Pastels, in some regions, is well known as colored chalks and soft pastels. These are available in Pastel pencils, Soft pastel sticks and hard pastels. Pastels provides us with the best of both painting and drawing. Traditionally, chalk is used as a binder, but today several other materials are also used as an alternate. Pastels allow you to add vibrant colors together to create a soft look. I[...]
  • Glass Marking Pencil Bubble Drawing

  • Hola everyone! :)  I am again with an another shading medium which is called as Glass Marking Pencil Drawing. The first question that may arise in your mind is what is Glass Marking Pencil?? .Well, as name suggests, its a pencil that is designed to mark on glass and any other slick surface such as leather, metal, vinyl, celluloid, etc. It writes like a crayon but gives bold, bright chalk like colo[...]
  • Pen Shading Using Name Technique

  • Here is a very simple illustration showing sketch of a man face using name technique. The whole sketch is made by writing my name. This is an absolutely fun and creative way of shading. All you got to do is just write your name with a ball point pen just like the way you want, but you need to remember that the font should be similar from the starting till the end. Take your time and have patience.[...]
  • Pencil Shading Landscapes

  • Pencil drawing is the most convenient of all medium an artist can use. If you are a beginner in the art of painting and drawing, the pencil drawing of farms and farmhouses could be very much of help.  Materials required :  ♣  Pencils of H and B system  ♣  Soft rubber    ♣  Drawing paper. Your picture can be of any size or shape you desire. More landscapes are drawn with the horizontal rect[...]
  • Light Up Your Art Work (Using Oil Pastel)

  • Oil Pastels are very famous drawing / painting medium which consists of pigment mixed with a non-drying oil and wax binder. It is a soft medium almost similar to the crayons given to the primary grade students. Moreover, the surface of the oil pastel drawing or painting is non-powdery as it gives a textured effect and more typical to blend. These are also called as wax oil crayon. Oil Paste[...]