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Category archives: Drawing & Illustrations

  • Pen Shading Using Name Technique

  • Here is a very simple illustration showing sketch of a man face using name technique. The whole sketch is made by writing my name. This is an absolutely fun and creative way of shading. All you got to do is just write your name with a ball point pen just like the way you want, but you need to remember that the font should be similar from the starting till the end. Take your time and have patience.[...]
  • Portrait Sketching Using Graph

  • Friends, Here is what I made this week, a Portrait Sketching with Cross Hatching Shading technique using pencil. Sketching needs a lot more practice and technique.  One question that may arise in your mind is, What does one need for a good sketching? Is it Paper or is it Pencil. I believe it is Observation ;). It is the most important attribute for an artist. Whatever the subject you want to sket[...]
  • Cartoons Pencil Sketching

  • Pencil Drawing: Pencil drawing is a technique that involves multi-discipline. It includes blending practical and visual knowledge of an artist. Pencil drawing explains some important principles an artist must know. It teaches us various aspects by step-by-step instructions starting from the observation of simple aspects of drawing to illustrating the difficult aspects such as figurative painting.[...]
  • Pencil Shading Landscapes

  • Pencil drawing is the most convenient of all medium an artist can use. If you are a beginner in the art of painting and drawing, the pencil drawing of farms and farmhouses could be very much of help.  Materials required :  ♣  Pencils of H and B system  ♣  Soft rubber    ♣  Drawing paper. Your picture can be of any size or shape you desire. More landscapes are drawn with the horizontal rect[...]
  • Pencil Shading Portraits

  • The first very basic question that comes to everybody’s mind is What makes a good drawing and what makes it as a bad one? Well that really depends entirely on the person looking at your work of art.  To some people it may seem pretty beautiful; on the contrary to others it can be quite awful. Eventually, these viewpoints are based on people's experiences, education, culture and even their attitude[...]
  • Basics of Colored Pencil Sketching

  • Hello 'xplorerz'! The medium we will be exploring today is pencil colors. Some people are very much addicted of blending rather than shading/sketching with pencils. Using your fingers to blend is never a good idea with color pencils as is doesn't really blend, infact it puts oil on the paper that makes it look dirty, too much used and the freshness of drawing is also moves away. This article intro[...]
  • Light Up Your Art Work (Using Oil Pastel)

  • Oil Pastels are very famous drawing / painting medium which consists of pigment mixed with a non-drying oil and wax binder. It is a soft medium almost similar to the crayons given to the primary grade students. Moreover, the surface of the oil pastel drawing or painting is non-powdery as it gives a textured effect and more typical to blend. These are also called as wax oil crayon. Oil Paste[...]