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Category archives: Charcoal Painting

  • Charcoal Drawing and Tips

  • Charcoal is one of the oldest medium used in drawing. It's been used by early man for cave drawing. The charcoal you used in art class in elementary schools' is probably compressed charcoal, which is powdered charcoal that is mixed with gum binder and then compressed into sticks. The amount of binder used determines how hard or soft the stick will be. This is also a type used in charcoal pencils. [...]
  • Jensen Ackles Charcoal Portrait

  • Charcoal is a very professionalized media. This is a professional looking media that gives a perfect black and white image. It is done just with a little chunk of charcoal and eraser. Charcoal is also a good way of learning gray shades, but many people wondered how those images are made to look so cool with just a piece of charcoal. Let's get started with some grounded points: ♦ Remember that [...]