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Category archives: Gift packings

  • Gift Box using Tape Roll

  • Hello my lovely art fellas! It's marriage festive season going on here and also I'm excited for my birthday coming up next month. You know, the best about birthdays or any other occasion is when you get blessings, wishes, love and "Presents". Everyone has a little child inside, no matter how old a person is, so do i am. I love getting presents and all of us know how nice it feels to receive presen[...]
  • Hand Made Paper Gift Box

  • Everybody love exchanging gifts, small or big. It needs no reason or any occasion to gift someone except lovely warm feelings :). If the packing or wrapping of the gift packed is beautiful, even the small gift becomes heartfelt. And for that reason only I've brought you a new project that will elaborate you to make a "Handmade Paper Gift Box". This is actually a perfect project for Valentines. Thi[...]