Liquid Popping Dance On Swizz Beats- It’s Me Snitches

Hey Pals, Wait for the Dance Freaks is over, We here present you the  first ever Dance Video of based onLiquid Popping dance on Swizz Beats- it’s me Snitches Song” 😀 :). Now as we go towards the history of Popping, Well basically it came from California during the 1960s – 70s. Being a cool and funky dance of its own kind, it is the dance form in which muscles are quickly contracted and relaxed to cause a jerk in the body referred to as a POP or a HIT. This is done continuously on the rhythm of the music !! .The various forms came out from it are like slow motion , tuting , robotics, liquid popping etc  !! 😉  and I must say liquid popping is the most funkiest style ever !! Below is the blasting performance on liquid popping  of Sailesh Tanwar a.k.a Dance Freak 😉

Note : Ensure to watch in HD Quality.

Have a look :

Some Do’s & Dont’s :

DO’S :

♣ First thing, you should keep in mind is that if you are gud at POP then make sure your hit of pop should be     clearly visible to other’s

♣ when ever you do liquid popping just do it with  calm and relaxing mode ! Waves looks more accurate when you do it slowly.

♣ You should wear some loose dancing stuff.  You can wear wayfarer for Robo-looks. 😉


♣ Don’t ever take Pop or Hit without doing warm-up as it can cause muscle pull.

♣ Don’t Pop more in terms of repetition without taking break as it looks weird.

Keep dancing Be connected ! 🙂 🙂

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