3 Strand Braid Bracelet

This Friendship Day gift your dearest friend a bracelet made by your own hands :). This will make it  more special as you will be making it parallels by yourself by watching this tutorial on how to make a 3 braided bracelet. Bracelet given as a gift is charming, creates a deep emotional bond when tied to your dearest’s wrist. It is one of the elegant thing, you may give to someone. Well, coming back to the tutorial, this tutorial is easy and useful. The braided bracelet illustrated in this tutorial is less time consuming and more friendly. The material I have used in making these bracelets are Scoobie Strings. I have used these because they look way better than the other string material available as the quality is much better. Though these strings have been around for quite a while, where they are also known as Scoubie, Scooby Strings, Scoubidou Strings, Craft lace, Gimp, Lanyard and Boondoggle. These strings are thin plastic hollow tubes that are easily available in market. They have very nice bright colors, flexibility, and are about 80cm long. With these Scoubidou strands you can knot very nice key-chains, bracelets, or even pets hehe. 😀 You will find lots of knotting techniques to knot with scoubidou strings. This tutorial is for the braided version that wraps around your wrist as a (friendship) band. It includes a simple closing and twisting system similar with the braided system done with our hair. This whole project takes about 20 minutes from start to finish and costs much lesser than any bracelet you may buy from any outlets.

Material Needed:

– Pearls /Beads

– Scoobie Strings

3 Strand Braid Bracelet mat required

Checkout the steps on a quick tutorial on how to make these super easy Scoobie Strings 3 Braid Bracelets.

How to Braid:

Step 1. Separate the three strands and fix them under a heavy object or hold it under a paper board clip. Tie an overhand knot.

3 Strand Braid Bracelet step 1

Step 2. Take the top (or right-hand) strand and pass it over the center strand, so that it lies between the center and the bottom strand.

3 Strand Braid Bracelet step 2

Step 3. Take the opposite strand and again pass it over the center strand.

3 Strand Braid Bracelet step 3

Step 4. Repeat Step 1 and Step 2 alternately, and you’re braiding.

3 Strand Braid Bracelet step 4

Step 5. Once you’ve braided about 2 inches, start threading in the pearl or bead by inserting it around the string. I started with a strand on the right, then added a pearl. Begin a traditional braid, using two strands of cord for each of your main strands. Follow the same process till you achieve the desired length.

3 Strand Braid Bracelet step 5

Step 6. You’ll need your braid to be fairly tight, but not so tight that the pearls appear cinched. Once you’ve braided another 2 inches, tie another overhand knot. The main part and the closing system of the bracelet is done.

3 Strand Braid Bracelet step 6

Now, wrap your bracelet around your wrist and enjoy 😀 !!

More Samples :

3 Strand Braid Bracelet (a)


3 Strand Braid Bracelet (c)

3 Strand Braid Bracelet main image

That’s it! Pretty simple, right? So rush and make a 3 braid bracelet for your own or for your loved ones.

Tip for ArtXplorers:

  • Beware, when you start to use these strings, you might never stop because it’s very addictive! 😉
  •  The length of your bracelet could be long as well. Just keep on braiding till you get the length fit over your wrist twice or thrice.
  • In case you don’t find anything like such string, go for a thick yarn or a cut a nice stretchable in thin stripes.  Also, these days leather is also used in making such type of bracelets. You can make your very own braided bracelet as only experimenting will lead to creative innovative stuff. So keep exploring. 🙂

That’s all for now. Good bye Art Freaks!

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