Cool Monster Face Boxes

Cardboard boxes are great items to be used in craft making. Many of you may have in abundance of it (ha-ha! as your mom’s didn’t want to dispose them away because she might think of using them again in future but unfortunately that day never comes! 😉 , So here’s is the right way of using them 🙂 . However, those who don’t have any of such boxes (the exceptional ones) can easily collect them by doing things such as, from next time on wards don’t dispose off your cereal box, sweet box, candy box, chocolate boxes, etc and see if they have any use they can give you and if they do just start with them. The best part about such boxes is that they are flexible and easy to cut and thus good for craft purposes. Hence, collect and reuse them in a creative and funny way. One  universal truth about kids is that they always seem to enjoy the new boxes rather than the original toys. So let’s explore the world of art with artXplorez 🙂 . Reuse them and make your mommy happy with your creativity and eco-friendly thinking. 🙂

Material you need:

♥ Empty Rectangular Boxes

♥ Craft knife (paper cutter)

♥ Colored Paper stock

♥ Scissor

♥ Glue

cool-monster-face-boxes=material required

Instructions to be followed:

Step 1: Take a rectangular box, close it and make sure that all its edges are closed and pointed. If not, then seal the edges with the help of a tape from all the corners of the box.

cool-monster-face-boxes (step 1)

Step 2: Apply the glue over the box on all sides. Then, cover the boxes with the bright, different and plain colorful paper from all the sides. Paste them with glue as it prevents tidiness that any kind of tape does.

cool-monster-face-boxes (step 2)

Step 3: Take a craft knife (or paper cutter) and cut the mouth section easily and carefully. The shape and placement of the mouth can differ according to your character. I have cut two, rectangular and curved shaped mouth, in the middle of the box and one a bit lower than other. Children’s are ought to advise to take help of an adult for the better outcome.

cool-monster-face-boxes (3)

Step 4: Mark and Cut variety of shapes to make eyes and nose from your left over paper stock. It is not necessary to make eyes equal or same, Just keep it unnatural so that it looks like a weird monster (as name suggests) 😀 . Layer the eyes with uncommon circles and make it look bigger than the other eye.

cool-monster-face-boxes (4)

Step 5: Time to give your monster box a final look. I accessorized my monsters with funny antennas on the head, some colored paper swirls to make hairs, and green triangle spots on the body. You may also try something different to make yours or take ideas from mine.

Let’s have a look at my weird monsters:

Here’s the simple red monster with hypnotized eye, antennas and a rectangular face.


I liked the way this yellow monster below looks like. His swirled hairs, eyes with lashes, curved smile and a red long tongue makes it look quite girly. Isn’t it? 😛 The swirled hairs are easy to make. All you need to do is, just wrap a stripe of paper around a pen or a pencil. When all done, pull the pen/ pencil out of the wrapped stripe and stretch the stripe with light hands so as to make it long. 


The blue box monster below is the weirdest of all especially with the big eyes and the green spots on the body.


Other uses:

The creative and innovative ways to use these weird monster boxes can be many. Such as, you can place these boxes on a table as a tissue holder in your children’s room; or hang it on the door as a mini letter box (invitation box). Nevertheless, this craft can stand as a good idea for an eco-friendly day in your school. 🙂

cool-monster-face-boxes (final pic 2)

Make these colorful monster boxes and surprise the kiddies in your home and nearby by making their favorite monster character. 🙂


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