Decorative Diyas(Oil / Wax Lamps) Using Waste CD’s

Hey fellas! Here i am agian with a new project based on the greatest indian festival, Diwali or Deepavali.  The interesting part of Diwali decoration is Diya decoration and arranging them in beautiful ways. This Craft is an amazing and unique idea for Diya decoration which you might not have thought of ;). As, Diwali is just one day after and I am pretty excited to light these colourful diyas and want you too to give it a try, it’s wonderful :). For the people, outside India, who don’t know what actually Diya is? Well, Diya is a traditional small lamp,usually made of clay or brass with a cotton wick dipped in ghee or oil that is lighten up. Nowadays artificial diyas made of wax are also very popular and I’ve also used wax diyas in this project. You can get wax diyas from market, they’re easily available ;). Now coming to the point, this is the another very innovative Diwali Diya ( oil/wax lamps) decoration idea but this time I’ll be using waste or unused Cd’s (Compact Disk). Confused???..How can you make Diya From Cd’s??. Well Just follow the Steps below ;). So What are you waiting for? ! Move and gather some stuff  that you will need to make these decorative diyas. 🙂

Material Required:

♠ Colourful Rhine Stones/ Beads

♠ Hot glue gun/ Strong glue

♠ Waste Cd’s

♠ Diya (Small Oil/waxLamps)

♠ 3-D outliner.

decorative diyas using wate cd's-mat required

Let’s get started:

Step 1: Take a Cd. Wash it to remove the dirt and wipe it dry with a clean cloth or tissue.

decorative diyas using wate cd's step 1

Step 2: Make a pattern or design on the Cd. Have patience and make it with ease.

decorative diyas using wate cd's step 2

Step 3: Decorate it with some colorful Rhine Stones or Beads.

decorative diyas using wate cd's step 3

Step 4: Place a diya in the middle of the Cd where an empty space is given.

decorative diyas using wate cd's step 4

Here are some of the picture that will help you to decorate your diyas and obviously your home. Have A look. 😉 🙂

decorative diyas using wate cd's 1

decorative diyas using wate cd's 2

decorative diyas using wate cd's 3

decorative diyas using wate cd's 4

decorative diyas using wate cd's 5

decorative diyas using wate cd's 6

decorative diyas using wate cd's 7

decorative diyas using wate cd's 8

That’s all for the day! You’re ready with your decorative Diyas using waste Cds. Hope you like it! 🙂

Don’t forget to share your pictures with us. 🙂




  1. by richa mehta on October 8, 2014  3:20 am Reply


    Can you give me more ideas on how to decorate the normal diyas. with the normal paint. i don't want to invest a lot in it

    • by Ojal Sharma on October 11, 2014  3:35 pm Reply

      Hello Richa! Well, you can simply use glitter tubes and make Zig-Zag design on your Diyas. You can also place 8-10 Diyas together in an aluminum plate. Moreover, decorate your Diya plate either with flowers or wrap it with aluminum food foil paper. :)

  2. by divya on October 9, 2014  3:00 pm Reply

    very beautiful...............

    • by Ojal Sharma on October 11, 2014  3:36 pm Reply

      Thanks a ton Divya. Glad that you liked them. :)

    • by Ojal Sharma on October 15, 2014  9:48 am Reply

      Dear Anjali, I'm really glad. Stay connected for upcoming diwali crafts. Thanks. :)

  3. by rosline on October 17, 2014  5:19 am Reply

    hi ojal...
    i need some ideas...on how to make handmade humans, and houses children palying with crackers..etc...we need to set up a diwali....decoration at our workstations...
    so i need your help...
    i was thinking of making papermade scenario ...kindly share some ideas

    • by Ojal Sharma on October 19, 2014  6:22 am Reply

      Hello Rosline!
      Thanks for asking. I'd love to give you some ideas.
      As I get to know that you want to decorate your workstation..well, you can use newspaper for making human figure. What you all need to do is just grab a newspaper and crush it to transform them into human anatomy shapes.
      OR you can paste a poster showing a human figure of your choice on a wood stand.
      OR even wires can be used for making human figures.
      And you can also make those figures on large thermacol sheets. Paint them with acrylic colors. The best part of using thermacol is that they are really flexible and can be hold easily even with a little support.
      Hope any of these idea add some help to you. :)

  4. by Preetham on November 2, 2014  10:44 am Reply

    Hi ojal,

    Wonderful thought. I want to decorate clay diyas using different colors. My concern is, if adding oil or ghee might spoil the colouring and also will I be able to get rid of oil by washing the diyas but without affecting the colors coated. Need your suggestions

    • by Ojal Sharma on November 9, 2014  11:27 am Reply

      Hello Preetham :)
      As per your concern, I'd suggest you to paint those diyas with Acrylic colors. They are quick drying and applied without using water or oil. They are both water and oil resistance at the same time.
      So, I hope it helps. Thank you. :)

  5. by Unique on February 6, 2015  6:30 pm Reply

    Nice one liked it

  6. by Sandhya Kadali on November 4, 2015  1:51 pm Reply

    Hi Ojal.
    Can u pls suggest some ideas for making Diwali lantern in a best out of waste method?

  7. by adhisha on November 8, 2015  3:32 am Reply

    thanks for your ideas . it helped me in my diya decoration competition.

    • by Ojal Sharma on November 9, 2015  2:51 pm Reply

      Thanks to you Adhisha for visiting artxplorez. :)

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