Decorative Glass Bottles

Bottle Art:

This is a Glass bottle art tutorial but these will be used as Decorative fancy craft project. To know how, read the description below:

Things you need:-

Bold/ thin permanent Marker.

Clean and dry glass bottle.

Acrylic/ glass colors.

Paint brushes.

Material required for decorative bottle art

How to make:-

Step 1.  Wash /clean the bottle and let it dry thoroughly.

Decorative bottle art illustration step 1

Step 2.  Start making a pattern conformable to your concept and desire. As I made is an abstract design with acrylic colors.

Decorative bottle art illustration step 2

Step 3.   In the end, outline or highlight a design with a permanent marker to give it a detailed look. You can also use 3-D out liner.

Decorative bottle art illustration step 3

The design shown below depicts asGolden fish in water.

Here, it is a front view of the bottle:

golden fish bottle art design

Side view:

golden fish bottle art side view

And the back view:

golden fish bottle art back view

The next design shows, simplelinear design and the abstract design” in the  middle.

abstract and linear design bottle art

A “flower within a flower” design. I used only bright colors. You can use it as a flower vase also. Place it in your living room and let others compliment you with your creativity.

flower within flower design bottle art

Let’s look now at the Indian print orange bottle below. This print is being inspired from “The Jaipuri design”.

Jaipuri design bottle art

Thank you for sparing your precious time. Hope you’d visit again.

 Have a wonderful time!!  🙂

Decorative bottle art designs


  1. by Susmita Das on November 3, 2014  7:55 am Reply

    Really helpful .Elegant and unique :)

    • by Ojal Sharma on November 9, 2014  11:11 am Reply

      Thanks a lot for liking Susmita! :)

  2. by S on November 15, 2014  3:22 pm Reply

    It's beautiful work. Just one question - when I apply acrylic colors with brush, the brush strokes are visible. How to get a smooth finish?

    • by Ojal Sharma on November 15, 2014  5:14 pm Reply

      As per your question, I think you are using thick paste-like colour or may be the brush you are using is having hard bristles(Brush hair). You may also use little amount of water to smooth it.

      • by S on November 16, 2014  4:28 am Reply

        So would you suggest to use fabric paints which have a thinner consistency than the acrylic colors in tubes?

        • by Ojal Sharma on November 16, 2014  4:59 am Reply

          Yes you can use fabric colours also. That will give you exactly the same consistency you want.

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