Enchanting Diyas (Oil Lamps) Using Bangles

Hey Pals, everybody knows it’s a festive season in India  these days as Diwali is just two days short 😉 :). Diwali, is a festival of lights and gazetted holiday in India. It’s a five day Hindu festival. 🙂 😀

DIWALI stands for D- Diya, I- Inner light, W- Worship, A- Art, L- Legends, I- International.

On this sparkling eve, adults burst crackers and lighten up their homes with beautiful lights, candles, diyas (oil lamps), make rangoli at the entrance and decorate their homes and work place at its best :). During Diwali ,all the celebrants wear new clothes and share sweets with friends, family members and neighbours. Now as far as ideas for decoration with creativity is concerned, artXplorez.com is the right place to come to  😉 This Diwali, I came up with this absolutely unique and enchanting craft- Making Diyas (Oil Lamps) using glass bangles. Kids making various crafts to decorate their rooms and other favourite corners of their homes will find it very useful 😉 .So with this project we will innovate the old idea of decorating diyas into surprisingly ravishing Glass Bangle Diyas. 😉 🙂

Begin by collecting the material  required:

♦ Small Diyas

♦ Plain Glass Bangles

♦ Strong glue

♦ Cardboard


Start making:

Step 1: Cut a piece of a cardboard equal to the size of the bangle.


Step 2: Apply strong glue on the edges of the cardboard.


Step 3: Paste the  bangle onto the round cardboard let it fix their appropriately. Again apply glue on the bangle (fixed on cardboard) and paste another bangle onto it. keep adding bangle until you get the desired height, as I have  added just 3 more bangles to it.


making of -enchanting-diyas-using-bangles-step4

Step 4: Once you get the perfect height, place and fix a diya in the space inside the bangle on the cardboard. (See the picture).

 making of-enchanting-diyas-using-bangles-step5

And here are your Enchanting Diyas using Glass Bangles. 🙂


You can also make the use of these on other Special occasions also such as Candle light dinner, Parties etc. or even on your dining table. Once the wax candle is over, place another new one inside it and so on.. 🙂


Enjoy 🙂 😉



  1. by narmada on September 23, 2014  2:03 am Reply

    That's an amazing idea!!!
    I love this and I am make this one..thanks

    • by Ojal Sharma on September 23, 2014  6:03 am Reply

      Thanks Narmada. Dont forget to share the picture with us.

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