Gift Box using Tape Roll

Hello my lovely art fellas! It’s marriage festive season going on here and also I’m excited for my birthday coming up next month. You know, the best about birthdays or any other occasion is when you get blessings, wishes, love and “Presents”. Everyone has a little child inside, no matter how old a person is, so do i am. I love getting presents and all of us know how nice it feels to receive presents. It turns into a double excitement if the gift is presented nicely wrapped and decorated. Therefore, before when I give a present to someone, I try my best to wrap or decorate it to the best possible way I can because a gift box made by our own hands is always an adorable thing. Thus, coming on to the point,Today’s post is something that it based on presents and gifts i.e., Gift Box using Tape Rolls. I’m sure this tutorial will be very helpful to you as we all use tapes and ought have one or two empty tape rolls at home or work place. Using a tape roll to make a nice gift box would be a fun and creative idea. You can really make something nice with this little rolls. The time that will be required is about 20 minutes to make a nice box and extra little time for decoration and coloring but once everything is done you can really make someone smile 🙂 .

In such a wonderful  gift boxes, you can put the present which you want to give to someone you care for. The simplest and fastest way to make a gift boxes is from a cardboard.

You will need:

  • Glue
  • Empty tape roll
  • Embellishments for decoartion
  • Color/Printed paper
  • Cardboard sheets
  • Office knife/Scissor
  • Printed paper

Gift Box using Tape Roll material required

This is how I did it:

Step 1:  I grabbed some empty rolls and I ended up collecting 4 rolls. So starting with the first step, mark the circle of the tape rolls on a piece of cardboard. Take 2 rolls, one with the 2 inch width and another one with a width of 1 inch. Where, 2 inch width roll will be treated as a container and 1 inch roll as cap.
Gift Box using Tape Roll step- 1
Step 2: Cut the round shape out of the cardboard sheet.
Gift Box using Tape Roll step- 2
Step 3: Add some glue on to the sides of the cardboard base.
Gift Box using Tape Roll step- 3
Step 4: Paste the roll onto the base and press it firmly. Put any heavy object like an iron or a heavy book and keep it aside to dry.
Gift Box using Tape Roll step- 4
Step 5: After it is dry, I have added a layer of paper tissue as I wanted to give it a texture.
Gift Box using Tape Roll step- 5
Step 6: Now cut a paper strip with a width of 2 inches and length depends on how big the roll is.
Gift Box using Tape Roll step- 6
Step 7: After then I simply pasted a thick strip of paper and connected it together to the base and sides of roll.
Gift Box using Tape Roll step- 7
Step 8: Decorate it with the choice of style you want and you’re finished with your tape roll gift box.
Gift Box using Tape Roll step- 8
Gift Box using Tape Roll step-9

 Have a look on our other gift packing ideas final Pictures : 🙂  🙂

Gift Box using Tape Roll final pic

Gift Box using Tape Roll final pic.

So what do you think?
I love it and think it’s pretty awesome. I’m really happy with the results how it turned out into a beautiful gift box with limited and less resources.

Useful Tips:

  • On the cardboard draw your gift box, and if necessary, cut, fold and glue it, and decorate it of your own choice. It looks nice if the gift box is wrapped with fabric or handmade paper.
I’ll be posting more projects soon on empty Duct Tape Rolls. 🙂 😉
Have a great day and Keep Crafting!!

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