Heart Shaped Photo-Frame

Photo-frame craft projects are always  a great way to create a special gift for those closest to us. This Candy Heart Shaped Frame craft project can be a sweet gift to be given to your loved ones. 😉

To make this Red Heart Photo Frame, you’ll need:

♥ Cardboard / mount-board

♥ Scissor / Knife

♥ Red acrylic paint

♥ Pencil

♥ Strong Adhesive

♥ Few Popsicle Stick

♥ Red and Green Pastel sheet

♥ Golden Color Paper


Here’s how to make it :

Step 1: Cover the work surface with newspaper to protect it.

Step 2: Cut 2 rectangle frames from the cardboard with knife or scissor. I used mount board here, as it is harder than the cardboard.

Making Of Heart Shaped Photo frame -1

Step 3: Draw a heart shape like figure in the middle of the square frame cut-out and put another square piece (base of the frame) aside.

Making Of Heart Shaped Photo frame-2

Step 4: Paint both the card board red and let it dry.

Making Of Heart Shaped Photo frame-3

Step 5: Apply some adhesive and paste Popsicle/ ice -cream sticks on the any three edges/ sides at the base of the rectangular frame cut-out piece and leave one side/ edge unglued so that that picture can be inserted in the frame. Paste the heart cut-out frame over the second rectangular piece of cardboard.

Making Of Heart Shaped Photoframe-4

Making Of Heart Shaped Photo frame-5

Step 6: Paste a stripe of golden paper at the bottom of the frame, where you can add you text. Make tiny hearts and paste it all over the frame. 😉

Making Of Heart Shaped Photo frame-6

Making Of Heart Shaped Photoframe A

Step 7: Although your frame is ready already but if you want to make it more attractive, you can add some embellishments. Just like I embellished it with red paper flowers and green leaves( Flower making is discussed in Paper Crafts). I also sparkled the golden shimmer on flowers to make it more attractive. Another option is to add artificial flowers or hearts that are easily available in market. 🙂

Making Of Heart Shaped Photoframe B

And Here We Go : 🙂

Heart Shaped Photo frame

However we’ve got a large collection of valentine’s gift, so this Heart Shaped Photo- Frame can also be considered a very kind handmade gift for your girl / boy friend. 😉 🙂  XD

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