Ice Cream Stick Flower Design

Flower Making

You might have made flowers out of paper, fabric, plastic spoons etc. Well I have got even a better idea to make flowers. Why don’t you try flowers made up of ice cream sticks, these are much easier than those complicated stuff. Ice -cream sticks are also called as Popsicle Sticks. These are light wooden sticks that are commonly used to hold your ice cream bars. everybody is talking about recycling and reusing your stuffs again and again, but how? Thus, in this post you’ll be learning a new idea or tip of reusing. So from the next time onward whenever you eat an ice-cream bar, do not throw it’s stick in the dustbin. Instead, wash it and save it for making these flowers. 

Things you need :

♣ Plain white sheet
♣ Wooden Ice-Cream sticks
♣ Scissor
♣ Fevi-glue
♣ Acrylic colors
♣ Paint brushes
♣ Sketch pens

material required for ice cream stick flower making

How To Make:

Well, there’s actually nothing like an accurate procedure for this craft because it depends on how do you try to innovate things and on your imagining power that tends into an innovative craft. However it’s my responsibility to elaborate you the crafts I make. 🙂 

Step 1 :  To create this ice-cream stick flower painting all you need to do is simply make a rough design in your mind and decide where you would like to place these flowers. You can also go through books and Google to search the desired design.

Step 2 :  Once you finalized your design or painting. Start by making or painting the design on a plain sheet of paper or canvas respectively.

Step 3 :  Leave the area where you want to paste your flowers and leaves.

Step 4 :  Now it’s time to cut the flowers petals out of the ice-cream sticks. You better cut the ice-cream sticks with edgy scissor. Don’t mind taking help of an adult for a neat and fair outline.

step 1 ice cream stick flower craft

Flower Petals :

step 1 of ice cream stick flower craft

Step 5 : Here with this step, you are allowed to paint the petals and leaves now. 

Step 6 : Next, paste the wooden stick flower petals and leaves on their places firmly.

ice cream stick flowers 1

Leaves :


ice cream stick flowers leaves

Step 7 : As you can see, I filled the space left in between the flower petals (where a bud is placed) by way of sketch pen hatching (shading technique).

ice cream stick flowers design 2

Picture below shows the design that I made :

ice cream stick flowers design

Fun Tips: 

Ξ You can make Popsicle Stick Flowers on a greeting card and present it to your family and friends on any occasion.

Ξ Also try it to decorate your scrap books, personal diaries, drawing books, etc.

Thanks for visiting fellas. Have a nice time and enjoy making Popsicle Stick Flowers 🙂


  1. by Richael on August 16, 2013  3:04 pm Reply

    very creative site .. thank you..:)

    • by Ojal Sharma on August 18, 2013  1:58 pm Reply

      Thanks to you Richael for visiting!! :D

  2. by ALKA on June 7, 2014  7:03 am Reply

    Very beautiful..good idea

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