Ice-Cream Sticks Stationery Holder

Pen/Pencil stand

Crafting with ice cream sticks or you may say lolly sticks is super fun. This pen/pencil stand looks antique. This craft can be used in many ways as an instance you may hold your pens/ pencils, paint brushes, craft scissors, glue and even toothbrushes or combs. So here i go with this ice-cream stick craft.

Things You’ll Need :

♦ A pack of good quality Ice-cream sticks

♦ 1 Ice-cream cup (medium size)

♦ Acrylic colours

♦ Paint brush

♦ Pastel sheets (golden and green 1 each)

♦ Fevi-glue

♦ Scissor

♦ Bold Black Marker

♦ Gold acrylic powder

♦ Cotton ball

Material required for stationery stand

How To Make :

Step 1: Trim the rim of the Ice-cream cup carefully with the scissor.

Step 2: Now, place one stick beside another, and paste their edges together with a fevi-glue.

Step 3: Once the sticks are glued in the direction of a straight line, paste it around the cup as shown in the picture.

Step 4 : Let the glue dry and paint the Stationery holder inside and outside. I used sap green and burnt sienna (brown) acrylic color.

Step 5 : Next, dip a cotton ball in the gold acrylic powder and dab it onto the Stationery Holder casually.

Step 6 :  Here with this step your pen stand is all set to use. But wait! Don’t you think there’s still something missing? Let’s add on some paper flowers to increase its attractiveness. I’ve made golden flowers with green leaves.

You may also experiment with your own pleasant idea. After all anything that really matter is a desired outcome. 🙂

ice cream stick stationery stand 2


♠  Dab some gold power to the borders to give it a shiny effect.

♠ Crush the leaves after cutting it into the shape. This will give flower a tremendous look.

ice cream stick pen/pencil stand 1

Adios… 🙂

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