Ogee Shaped Craft-Foam Hanging

Here I am again with an another beautiful hanging. This Ogee shaped craft-foam hanging tutorial looks absolutely modern and sleek. This simple foam craft turns into an amazing result that can’t stop getting admiration.

Material Needed:

♠ Craft foam/ felt

♠ Craft knife

♠ Colorful thread

♠ Hot glue

♠ Scale

♠ Colorful Beads.

ogee-shaped-craft-foam-hanging step material required

Steps to be followed:

Step 1: Take a piece of a form or felt and cut in a large square shape.

ogee-shaped-craft-foam-hanging step 1

Step 2: Make a mark diagonally across the square from corner to corner. Make small squares within the form piece parallel to the side line. The squares should be outlined equally with half inches of gap.

ogee-shaped-craft-foam-hanging step 2

Step 3: Cut along the lines leaving a 1/4″ gap from the diagonal line using a scale and craft knife. Repeat until all cuts have been made.

ogee-shaped-craft-foam-hanging step 3

Step 4: Lift the corners of the center square and paste them together. You can even hand stitch the ends together with a matching thread if you want. Turn the piece over. Lift the corners of the second square and stick the ends together.

ogee-shaped-craft-foam-hanging step 4

Step 5: Repeat the step 3 until all squares are stitched (turning the piece over and pasting the ends together).

ogee-shaped-craft-foam-hanging step 5

Step 6: Create the hanging loop at one end and tie a small ball or bead on the another.

ogee-shaped-craft-foam-hanging step 6


It would be a great idea to make it with the colorful glittery foam. Enjoy this colorful yet so simple hanging craft.

Thanks! 🙂


  1. by Yashvir on November 14, 2013  3:58 pm Reply

    Gr8 work!

    • by Ojal Sharma on November 16, 2013  2:27 pm Reply

      Thanks :)
      By the way there are more great works. Why don't you check them out thoroughly!

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