P.O.P ( Plaster Of Paris) Craft

Hi friends! You might have worked with air dry clay for making basic sculptures and crafts projects. But have you ever thought to try Plaster of Paris?. So today i have come up with making of a craft project by using plaster of paris powder. Plaster of Paris is a great material for making sculptures and craft projects because it is easier to use and sets very fast. Scientifically, it is also called as Gypsum Plaster. POP powder is extremely light and fine. Therefore,one must take proper cautions while using it. You should wear a dust mask and rubber gloves for preventing the powder getting into your mouth or nose and providing safety to your hands. Mixing Plaster of Paris is easy but you must know some important instructions to come up with the clean and really attractive design. I’ll be giving some of the instructions while proceeding step wise.

Making cute and tiny creatures or objects by molding colourful clay in our childhood days was considered to be as one of the favorite art material. Thus with this tutorial, I’ll take you in the flashback and will be making the objects over again but with the new medium ;). The method I am going to discuss in this tutorial is quite different from the usual method as i will be using Plaster of Paris as a modelling Clay. It is as interesting as working with air dry clay. Nevertheless, as a matter of fact, the best thing about P.O.P. is that “it sets very fast”. So you’ll not have to wait more. 🙂

Things you require:

Plaster of Paris Powder (POP)

♣ Water & Mixing Bowl

♣ Spoon or Spatula

♣ Gloves &  Dust masks

♣Poster Paints and measuring cup.

Caution: Never mix Plaster of Paris with your bare hands, always use gloves.

How to make:

Step 1: Before we start, let me tell you the answer for basic question that might have raised in all of your minds about plaster of paris powder mixing ratio with water and the answer to that is 2:1 i.e 2 parts of POP powder to 1 part of water. To make a mixture you need to add 2 cups of Plaster of Paris to 1 cup of adhesive glue and half cup of water together in a plastic bowl. Please be sure the more you add water,  the faster it dries, so better wear light gloves and mix it with a spatula or a spoon.

Step 2: Gently mix the Plaster of Paris mixture until it reaches a uniform and smooth consistency. Do not stir vigorously. The mixing container that is disposable is preferred. Break any tiny lumps if occur. 

Step 3:  After that take a little mixture in your palm and make a small shaped ball. The mixture must be thick yet smooth like a dough.

Step 4: Now, you may shape the Plaster of Paris just the way you use clay to create creatures.

Step 5: Once you’re over with your shape. Color them with your interests !

I have also tried to make some cute tiny creatures. Lets have a glance on them. 🙂

  This “Cute little bee” is my favorite:

Honey bee-POP-Craft

 How about “The Croaking Frog” ?

croaking frog-POP-craft

And this “Orange Cat” with such a clever expressions!!.


 This “Mouse” is looking like a real one indeed.


‘ I have always wished a cute rabbit and a cub as my pet’. 😉

rabbit and cub-POP-craft

Hope you’d like these sturdy little creatures.  🙂

Eco-friendly Tip:

♣ Always try to reuse and recycle waste POP (Plaster of Paris) left after the crafting.

♣ Do not throw Plaster of Paris directly into the drain, it will clog the pipes. Before throwing it into garbage can, let it harden.




  1. by ブルガリ ネックレス on August 14, 2013  7:41 pm Reply

    Amazing!! Loved your work :)

    • by Ojal Sharma on August 18, 2013  1:55 pm Reply

      Thanks for appreciating!! :)

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