Popsicle Stick Bow and Arrow

Popsicle / Ice-cream Stick Crafts are creative and functional too. I’ve already illustrated many Popsicle Stick crafts and here i am again with new one ;). This simple craft costs next to nothing. These are fun to make. Kids will  surely love this cool craft and so do elders. 😉 XD

Things Required :

♦ Few Popsicle/ Ice Cream Sticks

♦ A Cooking Pan

♦ A Drinking Glass

♦ Rubber band

♦ Scissor

♦ Glue

♦ Toothpicks

♦ Pastel Sheet Stock


How to make it:

Step 1: Put a cooking pan on stove and boil water on it. Put the Popsicle Sticks in the pan and let it boil for 30 minutes.


Step 2: Carefully lift the pan from the stove and take out the Popsicle Sticks from the pan with the help of a tong. Put it aside until it cools down enough to handle .


Step 3: Once the Popsicle Sticks cools down, gently bend the sticks into an arch. Now place the bend stick inside a drinking glass so that it will hold its shape while it dries.


Step 4: Let the sticks dry overnight. Remove it from the container.


Step 5: Colour the Popsicle Stick blue or pink.


Step 6: Make arrows by cutting 2 triangles from your paper stock. Glue a toothpick between the 2 triangles like shown in the picture below.


Step 7: Cut 2 chevron shapes from your paper stock and glue them to the opposite end of the toothpick.


Step 8: Cut a rubber band in half and glue the ends of the rubber band to the inside ends of the Popsicle Stick.


Step 9: Once the glue is dry, wrap the rubber band around it’s other end until there is no slack in the band.


Step 10: Let it dry. 😉 🙂

And your Popsicle Sticks  Bow and Arrow is ready to launch! 😉 🙂


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