Ribbon ‘n’ Pearl Bracelet

Bracelet Making:

“The friendship bracelet is a must. It seem never to be out of fashion and the best part is that we are able to do all this by ourselves and with an amazingly low budget. In this project I am gonna illustrate you a super chic handmade bracelet. I adore items which are handmade, I think it gives an edge of making it unique and special.

Material Required :

♠ Needle

 Thread Roll

♠ Ribbon

 And beautiful white pearls.

Ribbon and pearl bracelet material required

Lets start making:

Step 1: Thread a needle and knot it in the end.

 Ribbon and Pearl bracelet Making Step 1

Step 2: Wrap the ribbon around the pearl and sew through the ribbon at the point where the ribbon touches the hole on the opposite side of the pearl.

Ribbon and Pearl bracelet Making Step 2

Step 3: Repeat step 1 and 2 until you reach the desired length of your bracelet.

Ribbon and Pearl bracelet Making Step 3

Step 4: In the end, knot the ribbon from both the ends so that it does not loosen up. There’s a nice weight of these handmade bracelet which is quite a sturdy piece of jewelry so make sure that the ribbon is tied securely.

Ribbon and Pearl bracelet (Black)

Step 5: Tie the ribbon just like the way you want and you’re done! The ribbon ends should be sealed which will hopefully prevent fraying. You can try it with other color’s ribbon too. 

Ribbon and Pearl Bracelet (Red)

Ribbon and Pearl Bracelet (Red)

Hope you guys would love them!! 🙂


  1. by Nikhil Aggarwal on September 4, 2013  6:55 am Reply

    Did a nice Creative Acc. Art,,... (y)

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