Sparkled Lamps using plastic bottle

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As we know that all of us are very fond of cold drinks , sodas and other aerated drinks but have we ever thought of making the use of the bottles left over afterwards??? According to the facts, this year, more than 250 billion pounds of plastic is created with very little of that production ever being recycled. The production constitutes about 37 pounds of new plastic created for every single person on the planet. Also, more than 75% of plastic water bottles are never recycled, they’re simply thrown away, So does most of us usually do. But it all need to be stopped as fast as possible as it is very hazardous to our beautiful nature . Thus, let’s stop this wastage with a fist full of creativity with this lovely soda bottle DIY ;).

As most plastic beverage bottles are safe to use because these are flexible, durable, transparent and food safe. There are probably countless applications for these bottles that will give them second lives. Yet, this craft is a great thing to start with. Here, you’ll be turning your trashy plastic bottles into mesmerizing glittery lamps. So, I have a cycled-up the bottle craft to share with you all here.

This DIY requires:

♦  A Plastic bottle

♦ Cutter/Knife and Scissor

♦ Small Candle/ oil lamps

♦ Colorful Glitter

♦ Glue

sparkled floating lights step- material required

Procedure to be followed:

Step 1:  Take a bottle. Remove the brand tag wrapped around the bottle. Wash, clean and dry it.

sparkled floating lights step- (1)

Step 2: Cut the upper 1/3 part of the plastic bottle with the help of knife or scissor. Children are advised to cut the plastic bottle under an adult supervision to prevent any injury while cutting. Do not throw off the left out part as that will also come in use.

sparkled floating lights step- (2)

Step 3: Now divide and cut the bottle into 10 petal divisions.

sparkled floating lights step- (3)

Step 4: Trim the edges round to make it look like a flower petal as can be seen in the picture below.

sparkled floating lights step- (4)

Step 5: Now,take the lower cut out part of bottle that was kept aside and cut its hard base apart.

sparkled floating lights step- (5-i)


sparkled floating lights step- (5-ii)Step 6: Apply  generous amount of white glue over the lamps.

sparkled floating lights step- (6)

Step 7: Here, comes the fun part of this whole craft. Sparkle lot of glitter to all the pieces you have cut for lamps and dab it with your finger to glue them nicely.

sparkled floating lights step- (7)

Step 8: Spread the excess glitter off the lamps and give it some time to dry completely.

sparkled floating lights step-8i


sparkled floating lights step-8ii

Step 9: Place a small candle or oil lamp in the middle of the lamp and light it up and put them on water or table. And enjoy your innovative and sparkly creations.

sparkled floating lights step- (9)


sparkled floating lights final 1


sparkled floating lights final 2


sparkled floating lights final 3


♦ Best suited for night parties at your home. You can use them for candle light dinner also.

♦ Place them in a huge glass bowl filled with water and put in the corner or in the middle of the room.

♦ These flower shaped glittery lamps can also be treated as candle stand.

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