Spiral Window Hanging

In this world where everything feels so beautiful, I always like to have a glance of the things around me and imagine that how can I bring more beauty and innovation to that? Just like few days back when I was enjoying the very pleasant rainy weather with my favorite chocolate ice-cream 😉 ,while sitting adjacent to my window; Then suddenly, an idea stroked in my mind that why don’t I try to make a beautiful art piece that i can hang on my window as when i open it, i can enjoy the weather more pleasantly. Therefore this post is themed on Hangings” made with ice cream sticks/ Popsicle sticks. You can hang these decorative art piece that can be exhibited at any of your favorite places nearby and which costs you next to almost nothing. Nevertheless, I didn’t knew that it would turn into such a marvelous thing. 😉

This spiral window hanging” is really very eye catching because of its shape and color. Let’s grab the items that will be used to make this window hanging, here’s the list below:

Items used:

A pack of good quality ice cream sticks (approx 30 Sticks)

Fast dry adhesive. 

Acrylic colors (I used red, orange, yellow, green and blue.

Strong thread (30 cm. long will be enough)

Paint brush

spiral window hanging material required

Steps Required:

Step 1: Take an ice cream stick. Now, place another ice cream stick over the first one in such a way that its upper part is in clockwise direction. Now put more popsicle sticks as illustrated in the figure keeping in the mind that glue has been pasted on the downward side of the popsicle stick. Make sure that your sticks are absolutely even and straight. Remove the curvy or odd ones as it may tend to make your spiral week, non professional and difficult to paste.

spiral window hanging step 1

Step 2 : Repeat the above described activity till you achieve the desired length you want for spiral. (Note: don’t try to make it too long as it may tend to break easily). My spiral is 20 centimeters long and I prefer not to make your’s longer than that of what i  have made.

Step 3 : Just before when it comes to an end, tie up a strong thread from the middle of an ice-cream stick and paste it on to the stick overlapping the previous one.

Step 4 : After that you need to paint your spiral hanging with acrylic colors, the way you want. I painted it in rainbow shades. You can also color each stick separately before following the step 1.

“Spiral window hanging view-1”

spiral window hanging view 1

“Spiral window hanging closer view”

spiral window hanging closer view

“Spiral window hanging view- 2”

spiral window hanging view 2


1.  Do not use hot white glue to paste the sticks as it will break off easily. White adhesive having good cohesiveness would work best.

2.  In case you don’t get Popsicle sticks, you can also use cardboard strips cut into thin rectangular strips to make one.

Make your own colorful window hanging spiral and be ready to gain praises! 😉



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