Wire Wrap Ring Fashion Accessory

Ring Making 

This wire wrap ring tutorial is a very fast and easy project. You can quickly make a many of these from bits of wire left over from other projects or from a pile of new wire. This is great jewelry-making project for teenagers. They’re comfortable and adjustable just the way you want. This may drawn a lot of attention especially to wear them as pinkie or toe rings.

These rings are very cheap to make. 😉

All you need is :

♦ Copper or brass wire,

♦ Nose pliers,

♦ Mandrel/ Cylindrical Hard Pipe/ or even a marker will work.

wire wrap ring material required

Let’s get started:

Step 1: Start out with the piece of wire you have to cut somewhere between 8″ to 12″ long as per the rounds you require. Now, take mandrel or any other cylindrical shaped object that fits your ring size. I used Bold Marker because it’s size equals exactly with the size of my ring finger as you can see in the picture.

wire wrap ring making step 1

Step 2: Start wrapping the wire piece around your mandrel or marker. You can give as many rounds as you want to give to your ring. Avoid too many rounds as it could be little uneasy.

wire wrap ring making step 2

Step 3: Leave 1-2 inches of wire when your about to end wrapping so as to lock the springy rings wraps. The wire loops you made should slightly be loose so the finished ring can easily be adjusted in your finger.

wire wrap ring making step 3

Step 4: To make a lock, you simply follow the basic-tie-knot.

wire wrap ring making step 4

Step 5: Fold and lap the wire again over the wire tuft.

wire wrap ring making step 5

Step 6: And Finally, tightly press a loophole to lock.

wire wrap ring making step 6

And here’s the final look!

wire wrap ring making step 7

wire wrap ring making step 2

Make it more Beautiful !!! 🙂

wire wrap ring making step 9

wire wrap ring fashion accessory

Good Night 🙂

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