Cartoons Pencil Sketching

Pencil Drawing:

Pencil drawing is a technique that involves multi-discipline. It includes blending practical and visual knowledge of an artist. Pencil drawing explains some important principles an artist must know. It teaches us various aspects by step-by-step instructions starting from the observation of simple aspects of drawing to illustrating the difficult aspects such as figurative painting. The pencil drawing is basically linked with multiple traits like sketching and recording.

If you have a limited experience in art of painting then starting with the pencil is best for a beginner.  The working with pencils or doing the pencil drawings actually develop the confidence and help their skills to reach the desired platform where he or she can be introduced as an artist. 🙂

A beginner can start drawing anything using pencil. Likewise I started with drawing cartoon characters, trees, animals, easy objects etc.  Let’s have a look at the different cartoon character’s faces I have made :

 “The Hulk” in angry mood… aaarrghhh!!!

The hulk pencil sketching

You might have remember this crazy but lazy “Old Monster” 😛   :

Old Monster pencil sketching

Aah! this boy face cartoon sketch reminds me of my younger brother  :D. He always used to make faces like this.

Crazy face pencil sketching

“Punk Rocking Girl”

Punk rocking girl pencil sketching

“Music Lover Girl” 

Music lover girl pencil sketching

“Stylish Girl”

stylish girl pencil sketching


  1. by Blythe on September 26, 2013  9:55 pm Reply

    hi!,I like your work a lot!!! big fan of u.. :)

    • by Ojal Sharma on September 30, 2013  1:25 pm Reply

      Thanks for appreciating Blythe XD

  2. by laura craft on October 3, 2013  5:32 pm Reply

    awesome :) I am Big fan of urs..:)

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