Drawing Birds Using Oil Pastels

Hie fellas! 🙂 It been a long time I haven’t posted any of the art work, but today I am back again here with a new drawing. I will be illustrating on how to make a pair of a beautiful birds using Oil pastels. I have also posted an article on oil pastels before, however this time it’s little different from the previous one. But before that, I would like to clear the confusion that many people have between pastels and dry pastels.

Difference between pastel and dry pastels  Oil pastel is also a stick-format drawing medium, but in contrast to pastel, it combines pigment with non-drying oil and wax binder. It is more difficult to blend,  lending itself to some artistic styles more than others, and is not readily available in the wide spectrum that traditional pastels are. Perhaps for these reasons, oil pastels are not as widely used as traditional pastels. Oil Pastels are Eco-friendly and a fun activity, especially, for children. Oil Pastel is a highly versatile medium as it can be adapted in plenty of styles. Comparing them to soft pastels these are dust-free, easy to clean, carry and the best part is no need of fixative to fix your drawing or painting.You must be having some memories with oil pastels back to elementary school. I guess these are relatively a common medium used by students.

Things you’ll need:

  1. Green Pastel Sheet
  2. Colored Pencil (any light color)
  3. Paper towels (optional)

Steps to follow:

Step 1: First you have to choose a subject before drawing, then the size and the surface. So  for today the subject we have chosen is birds. Make an outline on the paper with a colored pencil. If you find any difficulty in choosing subject or the drawing, go-through some colorful wildlife photography.

Drawing a Bird using Oil Pastels Step-1

Step 2 : Drawing a bird can be a little messy for very beginners so have patience. Find out the particular sections in your drawing that can’t be defined clearly and start coloring them to define them particularly. Such as inside and outer feathers of wings are done with white color.

Drawing a Bird using Oil Pastels Step-2

Step 3 : Then start coloring in the feathers, proceeding from light shades to the darker ones. You may choose any other area for coloring of your choice.

Drawing a Bird using Oil Pastels Step -3

Step 4 : Here, in this step, bird’s beak and separation lines between various forms are defined.

Drawing a Bird using Oil Pastels Step -4

Step 5 : Next, mixture of red and orange has added to make it more vibrant.

Drawing a Bird using Oil Pastels Step -5

Step 6 : Then add blue and green and brown to balance color combination.

Drawing a Bird using Oil Pastels Step -6

Step 7 : Add details and when you get to the point where you want to finish it up. Frame and Hang!  😎

Drawing a Bird using Oil Pastels Final


  • Make sure to clean the old pastel stick before using, because you wouldn’t like to mess with the stray color lines caused by previous art work.
  • Paper towels are always by my side when working in oil pastels, because the medium does quickly get on your fingers and sometimes your clothing if you aren’t careful. Yes this is usually the case with most artistic mediums, but the chances for getting messy does increase when oil pastels are used.
  • Avoid Glossy texture for this medium. A medium textured surface is preferred for good outcome.
  • Oil pastel Drawing aren’t that easy, practice it regularly.
  • Don’t expect greatness right away, just use this first time to start experimenting and understanding how oil pastels work, how they react to your marks on the surface, how they blend with other colors, etc. 

Thanks Enjoy .. 🙂 🙂

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