Four-point and Five-point Perspective Illustration

Perspective drawing that goes beyond one, two, three point perspective, is four point perspective and after that is five Point Perspective drawing. Previously I have illustrated  one, two and three point perspective drawing with examples, Now it’s a time to discuss Four & Five Point Perspective Drawing with illustrations that gives you the clear picture of the topic ;). Four point perspective (Four Vanishing Point Drawing) is also called as “Curved line Perspective”, whereas Five point perspective (Five Vanishing Point Drawing) is referred as “Infinite point perspective”. So Let’s have a look 🙂

Four Point Perspective:

FOUR POINT PERSPECTIVE can be interpreted by a simple example like standing in the center of a room and being able to see 360º around you at once, or this can be clearly understood by a brief instance, Say you are on the roof of a 20-storey building and you are looking across the road at a large 50-storey building.When you look down, there is a vanishing point; you look up and again there is a vanishing point; same goes with your right and left sides, 2 more vanishing points are formed.Now, Let’s figure it out clearly with the help of the figure below. Like all other foreshortened variants of perspective, it also starts off with a horizon line.

4 point perspective- example from building

Okay, so after having some brief  knowledge about five point perspective, it’s time to go practical to make more clear picture in your minds. This is really cool and interesting form of perspective. Just Follow the steps below and start drawing 😉 !!!

Let’s get practical:

1) Draw a horizontal and vertical line in the middle intersecting each other perpendicularly.

2) Make curvilinear lines from the vertical line and diagonal lines from each end of horizontal line.

3) Now make the objects only on the lines drawn.

Four Point Perspective Illustration

 Final Output :

Four Point Perspective Drawing

Five Point Perspective :

Five point perspective is referred as a drawing viewed from the door’s peep hole. It usually end up with a fish-eye or fish-bowl effect. This system of perspective, using five points, creates a circle on a piece of paper or canvas. You now can form 180 degrees of visual space around you which captures everything from North to South and from Nadir to Zenith. Think of yourself inside a room viewing from the peep hole, when you find a spot a view where any direction you look is visually exciting, you put the hemisphere in front of your face and copy what you see outside of it. The hemisphere shows five vanishing points, north, on the left, east in the middle and south on the right. There is also a point above your head and another below your chin. One hundred and eighty degrees of the total environment can be drawn in this hemisphere. Imagine this on a flat surface ;). You will have to rely on five point grid system on the flat page to do the same thing, but it  will really work :).

Let’s get practical:

1) Draw a horizontal and vertical line in the middle intersecting each other perpendicularly.

2) Make curvilinear lines from the vertical line and diagonal lines from each end of horizontal line. All together making four vanishing points.

3) Draw lines as ‘visual rays’ from the middle of the view. Now, this will be the fifth vanishing point.

4) After that make figure only on and considering the lines or the visual rays coming from each vanishing points accordingly.

Five Point Perspective Drawing illustration

Final Picture :


The basic difference between four and five point perspective is clearly visible through the pictures. You may not immediately understand the connection between these planes and vanishing points with regards to drawing, but there is a specific and clear-cut connection among them.  Just remember always, that anything you draw is related to a horizon and vanishing points, even though you don not necessarily have to draw them out. Sometimes it is helpful to visualize the various forms as blocks and shapes.

Thanks 🙂


  1. by Paulus Irawan Winata on May 1, 2016  2:09 am Reply

    now I'm interesting with perspecitve,
    I see one point perspective
    I see two point perspective
    I see tree point perspective
    now you explain me about five point perspective,
    if we flying in space, there are many point perspective,
    can you help me?

    • by Pete on June 27, 2016  6:19 pm Reply

      Hiya, Paulus;

      With respect to the perspective-point numbers if you were in outer space, 5pt-perspective would apply perfectly well.
      Remember, your eye is a spherical shape; so you'd see the horizon-line as flat (even in infinite space) and every object would still curve-- and whatever was at the far edges of the spherical plane would curve drastically, same as if you were on Earth (just the scale would be exponentially further).
      Give 5pt-perspective a try, by drawing a planet with, say, a rocket ship and/or satellite in the frame. You'd get a neat effect, using the same principles outlined in the article above.

      Cheers, mate.

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