How to draw 3D object

Hello Art Xplorers! After a little while,  I am here again with a brand new article based on object light and shade. You will also explore lots of informative important tips on drawing a 2D object looking like  3D. Drawing a realistic drawing is not an easy task but with a little patience, practice and skills it becomes less complex. You know, the most important aspects of drawing while drawing realistic images is to ensure that you are drawing what you actually see, rather than what you think you see. Copying an already drawn image is easy but copying a live object being put in front of you and then drawing it is not that easy job. This usually happens because our brains tend to see images through our eyes in a hyper realistic way. So paying attention to what you are making and recreating what your brain captures will not only create a more realistic image but you will get to learn a lot. If you want to draw something realistic, make sure you are drawing the things which make it unique. Thus always remember “Draw what you see, not what you think you see”

Now the next thing you should know while drawing 3D object drawing is how to put highlights to your drawing. For this, once you have put in all of your shadows, add  highlights at the spots where the light hits the objects directly. You can do this by erasing the area or using a white charcoal or a highlighter or leaving the area untouched.

Let’s get started and grab the material required to make a 3D drawing by yourself.

Material Required:

♠ Paper

♠ Pencil and Colours

♣ An object to copy

3D object drawing- material required

Steps to make:

Step 1: Choose the object you would like to draw. Sit in front of it or at an angle from where you can draw it comfortably. This will make it easier to create your 3D drawing. So, at first you need to draw the base line of the object and work your way up. Measure the width and height of the object and mark it on the paper. Now, draw lightly at first so you can erase any unnecessary pencil marks later. Sketch the lines that will make up the pieces you can’t completely see. At this point don’t worry if they are completely visible in real life. It will just help finishing up your drawing.

3D object drawing  1

Step 2 : Sketch in the rest of the object’s frame. Move to a different angle if you need to see where some lines should go. Once you have finished the basic outline, erase any line you cannot actually see from the angle in which you are drawing.

3D object drawing 2

Step 3 : Trace over the outline in ink, and erase the pencil line after the ink has dried. Begin drawing the details in pencil, then retrace with ink. Once the ink is finished add the colors and shading for the object.

3D object drawing 3

Final Image:

3D object drawing final image

Tip for the artXplorers :

♦ Take a small object for the first few trials.

♦ Draw the line you will need to erase lighter than the line that will stay, so you can tell them apart.

♦ One trick to prevent drawing your assumptions is to get a picture from a magazine, turn it upside down, and draw it. By using this technique your brain will be triggered. It will tend to start thinking how it looks like from a different angel and in that way, instead of the old known way you think you’re familiar with. In this way you can draw what you actually see, instead of drawing what you’ve always assumed the subject looks like.

♦ Pay particular attention to the things like circle and curved lines. These are things which we tend to generalize in our minds and ignore the details of.

That’s all Folks…
I hope you find it informative. Thanks in advance.

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