Impossible Triangle

Hello to my all Art Lovers ! I know you all must be confused with the title of this tutorial ‘Impossible Triangle’ ?? but yes, its all correct . The impossible triangle also known as The Penrose triangle or Penrose Tribar, is an impossible object.  It was first created by the Swedish artist Oscar Reutersvard in 1934. The “rule of three”, where arrangements of triplets have a pleasing effect on the eye, makes this, triangle an intriguing shape to ponder and to create. However, here you are going to learn how to make an optical illusion triangle, that is, impossible triangle. The Penrose triangle has also inspired sculptures. In a sculpture in East Perth, Australia, there is a sculpture that, when viewed from one of two specific vantage points, appears to be a physical, three dimensional Penrose triangle. In reality, the sculpture is disjointed and only appears to be an impossible object. There exists some terminological confusion over whether “Penrose triangle” refers to the two-dimensional depiction of an impossible three-dimensional object, or the impossible object itself. The material required and steps in drawing impossible triangle are given below.

What you’ll need:

♣ Paper

♣ Pen/ Pencil

♣ Scale

Impossible Triangle-material required

How to make:

Step 1: First, Draw a triangle and extend the ends of the lines past where they connect as shown in the picture below.

Impossible Triangle step-1

Step 2: Draw lines from these tips along with the line of the inner triangle.

Impossible Triangle step-2

Step 3: Draw in the corners towards the outer side of the triangle.

Impossible Triangle step-3

Step 4: Now, draw in the long lines to connect the corners as described in the picture.

Impossible Triangle step-4

Step 5: And in the final step, you just need to shade or color the triangle and your very own optical illusion triangle is finished.

Impossible Triangle final

Take a look at different styles of ‘The Impossible Triangle’

Impossible Triangle type 1


Impossible Triangle type 2

Hope you like this. Check out our other tutorials too and don’t forget to give your feedback in the comment box below. If you make one, take a picture of it and send it to us on any of the social networking pages or you may also directly e-mail the pictures. We may add it to our Website with your name ! 🙂

Tips for the our Art Xplorers:

  • After you learn this basic optical illusion, you can try more with the complex arrangements.
  • Use scale to make sharp lines.
  • Practice shading techniques. Shading is a technique to provide depth in two-dimensional images.
  • Before making the fair one, always sketch first on any old scrap paper instead of wasting the new one. So, practice before you make your final copy.
  • Make sure the shading is  done beautifully to give a nice effect.

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