Pen Shading Using Name Technique

Here is a very simple illustration showing sketch of a man face using name technique. The whole sketch is made by writing my name. This is an absolutely fun and creative way of shading. All you got to do is just write your name with a ball point pen just like the way you want, but you need to remember that the font should be similar from the starting till the end. Take your time and have patience. 😉 Spread it, squeeze it, write it in bunch or freely, its all your choice. You can even draw linear figures by using your name just like I did. Even the boundaries are named.

You can go for your name or your lover’s name to make a valentine sketch <3 . You may also choose your guardian or teacher’s name for the formal occasion and gift them on their day. They’ll surely love the idea and will praise you more. 🙂 🙂

Steps to be followed :

Step 1: Select a figure you want to draw.

Step 2: Outline the figure with a pencil on the paper or canvas.

pen-shading-using-name-techinque (1)

Step 3: Start writing the name you want to opt for this project with a quality ball point pen. Give a lot of space and enlarge the size for less detailing and for fine line areas reduce the name size. To make the area darker, simply reduce the space between the alphabets whereas for lighter area, extend the space.

pen-shading-using-name-techinque (2)

Step 4: Once you achieve the finished stage, patiently rub the stray pencil lines.

and That’s it your Pen Shading using Name Technique is completed. 🙂 🙂

pen-shading-using-name-techinque (3)

     Have a nice day 🙂

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