Pencil Shading Landscapes

Pencil drawing is the most convenient of all medium an artist can use. If you are a beginner in the art of painting and drawing, the pencil drawing of farms and farmhouses could be very much of help.

 Materials required :

 ♣  Pencils of H and B system

 ♣  Soft rubber  

 ♣  Drawing paper.

Your picture can be of any size or shape you desire. More landscapes are drawn with the horizontal rectangle.

In this article you will find different landscape perspective scenes that I sketched. Let’s have a look on it! 😉

The depth of perspective view in this scene has been rendered using lighter and darker shades. This countryside beautiful scene is an example of landscape with a group of houses, trees, grass, boat, water, etc.

“County side Scene”

country side art pencil shading

From the reflection in the water to the little flying birds, I’ve tried to bring some depth and create highlights in this scene.

“Reflection in Water”

reflection in water scene pencil shading

“Island View”

island view pencil shading

Here, I’ve showed some deeper shades to emphasize the heavy waves in the sea. 

“Heavy waves in Sea”

heavy waves in sea pencil shading

This “chilled icy weather drawing” is an example of outdoor sketching. Outdoor sketching is an important part of drawing because it helps you in understanding the concept of perspective. Before drawing an outdoor scene, you should observe it very carefully. 

“Chilled Icy Weather”

chilled icy weather pencil shading drawing

I hope it was helpful.  Thank You 🙂


  1. by Nikhil Aggarwal on September 2, 2013  9:30 am Reply

    Appreciable Art work done

      • by Kaustubh on May 15, 2016  12:51 pm Reply

        I made the same one too(chilled weather one). How do i send it to you ?

        • by Ojal Sharma on May 24, 2016  5:00 pm Reply

          Hey kaustubh. YOu can post it on our facebook page or may also send via email

  2. by usharani on March 28, 2014  1:12 pm Reply

    Your Art work is amazing.

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