Pencil Shading Portraits

The first very basic question that comes to everybody’s mind is What makes a good drawing and what makes it as a bad one? Well that really depends entirely on the person looking at your work of art.  To some people it may seem pretty beautiful; on the contrary to others it can be quite awful. Eventually, these viewpoints are based on people’s experiences, education, culture and even their attitudes towards life. Hence, all artists should also have an understanding of others viewpoints to be successful. Lets have a glance at some important drawing techniques.

Drawing techniques:

♠  One of the first things we need to know is How to hold a pencil ??. The correct way to hold your pencil or marker is between the thumb and index finger supported by the middle finger.

♠  Try and not rest your hand or palm on your drawing paper which causes smudges

♠  Don’t buy the cheapest and not the most expensive to start off with. Go for the 2B – 4B.

 Charcoal is the ideal choice for sketching freely and for creating soft thick lines. As charcoal can fill an area rapidly than using a pencil.

♠  You cannot draw anything worthy if you are bent over with your drawing. You must also be able to see your drawing from a distance.

 ♠  And the most important thing you must know is that you should let yourself absolutely free before  sketching.           😉

My Work :

Look at the sketch below of the girl, Have a glance at the pencil shading part in this sketch, we can see that no part of the face is kept untouched. 

 girl pencil shading portraits 2

Again! below is amiserable girl’s”face sketch.

miserable girl pencil shading portrait

Finally, the beautiful sketch below. Here, we can easily see the eyes full of wretchedness. The emotion in this picture has been clearly exposed. The best thing I like in this sketch is her eyes. 

girl eyes full of wretchedness portrait

Stay tuned !!!   🙂


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