Portrait Sketching Using Graph

Friends, Here is what I made this week, a Portrait Sketching with Cross Hatching Shading technique using pencil. Sketching needs a lot more practice and technique. 

One question that may arise in your mind is, What does one need for a good sketching? Is it Paper or is it Pencil. I believe it is Observation ;). It is the most important attribute for an artist. Whatever the subject you want to sketch, the  first thing you do is to observe the subject carefully. It can be still life, nature, portrait or gesture drawing. First you need to just sit and watch. What does the subject look like? How is the subject balanced? How does the light fall on the subject? Lighting is also an important factor that one should pay attention to.

So coming on to the topic, this Portrait took a bit of more time to make one. I have used 8B pencil. A darker pencil is required as you can add more depth to your sketches by adding dark shadows and tones. And for exact making of the portrait see below :

Steps to follow :

Ξ Make a graph on the original picture and copy the lines/ graph on the paper you want to make the portrait.

Ξ  Now measure each and every line or form in each graph’s box and copy it exactly as it is shown in the original.

Ξ After forming lines, observe the picture carefully and start shading. Start with the lighter shades and then to darker ones. this is  because lighter shades can be darken easily but it gets really difficult to lighten the darker shades and tones.

Start with the smaller things if you’re a beginner before opting the portrait and keep on practicing!

Hope this may find useful to you. Thank you. 🙂


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    Thanks Michael for liking my work.

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