Realistic Pencil Colored Portrait of a Girl

Coloured pencils are one of those mediums that are best suited for all age groups interested in drawing. Drawing with this medium can be real fun but turning those actual colors on a paper can be bit tough 😉 but don’t worry I will help you to the best :). All you need to do is to colour heavily or at least build up your colour gradually so that the colours that are formed are intense and complex. Sometimes, not building up many layers of colors can not bring you to success, thus depending on matching single colour is not a good idea ;). You can pretty much use colored pencils on any surface, almost every surface will accept them and you can be very creative with that.  However it generally includes drawing papers, coloured papers, cardboards, illustration boards, rag papers, and watercolor papers .It is also important to keep attention to the texture of the paper while choosing your surface, The texture of the surface plays a huge role in how the coloured pencils look on the surface. Experiment and find out what papers work best for your needs.

Below is the descrition of a realistic coloured pencil portrait of a girl drawn in detail. This portrait has been drawn from a desktop wallpaper. You can also choose your own or your friend’s photograph 😉

Materials to be used for this drawing:

→ Flat Board

→Plain white paper which doesn’t have lot of texture

→ Pack of pencil colors

Necessary Steps:

There isn’t really much of a ‘secret’ to draw such realistic faces. All you need is just skills and tons of practice. Scroll down to see the steps to make a girl portrait like this.

Step 1. Start by making a light line drawing of the basic features.

colored pencil realistic portrait of a girl-1

Step 2. Now all the preliminary coloring with a lightest tone you see in the reference,  is to be done lightly so that the stray colored strokes can be erased easily.

colored pencil realistic portrait of a girl-2

Step 3. Then I applied the lightest color i see in my reference in hair section and in the hat.

colored pencil realistic portrait of a girl-3

Step 4. When you feel that you have almost drawn and coloured the basic colours properly, start adding darker colours to your drawing. Do not put much pressure in the preliminary stage of colouring as it may ruin your portrait and random strokes will start appearing.

colored pencil realistic portrait of a girl-4

Step 5. Coming on to the eyes, Ihave outlined the eyes, made eye balls and eye lashes. Do not keep the area around the eye ball completely white as it is never too bright. The shine in the eyeball is the only bright part that is left completely white.

colored pencil realistic portrait of a girl-5

Step 6. The drawing is progressed further by adding more details to the portrait. After that I have coloured half of the face with dark tones at the top as to show the reflection of the hat’s shadow on face.

colored pencil realistic portrait of a girl-6

Step 7. Colour the lips with the lightest shade of pink in your pencil-color pack. Then shade them with velvet pink and maroon color leaving a light shiny effect.

colored pencil realistic portrait of a girl-7

Step 8. Color the hairs with different shade of brown and black color. Do not focus and copy each hair, just try to make the impression.

colored pencil realistic portrait of a girl-8

Step 9. Do not compare your drawing completely with the reference, after all it’s a drawing that gives a nice artistic feel to the portrait not a slavishly copied photograph. Fill in more details and contrast to make it final.

colored pencil realistic portrait of a girl-9

colored pencil realistic portrait of a girl-final 2

Useful Tip:  Always apply a basic color all over the featured portrait so that the white part of the paper can be covered. Another advantage of doing so is that it leaves the portrait with a natural looking effect of the skin.

Final Picture :

colored pencil realistic portrait of a girl-final 1

I would love to receive your comments and reviews. Thank-you. 🙂

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