Sketch Of A Real Eye

The Eyes are probably the most important and interesting part of a human face. Here I’ve a very interesting project that I’d like to share with all of you. I’ve got various tips that would help you to make a realistic eye. This takes  a lot of patience and observation. Every eye is different hence there is no universal approach to follow, so you don’t need to rely purely on any particular process, but following are some tips that one can keep in mind while making sketch of a real eye. 

Tips for making a realistic eye:

◊ You can use magazines photograph as guide for drawing different types of eyes.

◊ First draw the pupil and the iris. Draw in the additional details and use a darker shade to draw over the artwork.

◊ Apply a light gray tone or shade over the eye. Don’t be too afraid to go dark in some areas like Iris, Pupil, eyebrows and Eye lashes. It won’t matter. In fact, it will add some contrast in the realistic eye.

reaslistic eye (1)

◊ Do not put lot of pressure in the starting while shading and blending. Sharp lines can be washed out from blending.

◊ Do not make mistake that the eyeballs are white. They are not white unless light is perfectly reflected on them.

◊ Eyebrows can be really intimidating. Do not scribble or shade with the same tone. Hence try to make every single hair to it a realistic effect. Nothing too intricate, just completely random. 😉

reaslistic eye (2)

 To keep smudging at a minimum, use a scrap of paper underneath your hand as you draw. You may also attach a sheet of tracing paper to go over the drawing, sort of as an “overlay”. It is used to help in preventing smearing. The tracing paper also protected the drawing from fingerprints and dirt. 

Hope you find it informative. Thanks and keep sketching 😉 😉


  1. by Nikhil Aggarwal on October 13, 2013  1:55 pm Reply

    Nyc art.,

    • by Ojal Sharma on October 26, 2013  1:18 pm Reply

      you really motivate me do work more. Thanks

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