Unnatural Old Wrinkled Eye Pencil Color Sketch

‘Eyes’ are the most expressive and attractive part of human face. Even while talking to someone, eyes play a vital role in imparting a good impression :). Just like that when drawing portraits, it is important to draw eyes of various forms and types . Drawing a real or natural eye isn’t simply a matter of drawing lines specially when drawn with pencil colors. However, in this tutorial, i will illustrate you to make natural old eyes drawn with unnatural color tones. In other words, coloring the eyes unnaturally in such way that when it is converted into grey shade, the sketch must look like realistic one. Ahaan !! interesting concept 😉

Drawing an old and wrinkled eye isn’t an easy task. To make wrinkles you must learn to recognize and draw areas of light and shadow. However, it is important to learn to determine what type of line you’re dealing with. Is it a thick line or a fine line? A line in shadow or a line in light? Is the line stark and solid, or surrounded by a mound of flesh? Once you will learn to make these determinations, your ability to draw wrinkles will be strong.

The only thing that I have used to make this unnaturally coloured old wrinkled eye is just pencil colours which makes it more interesting 😉 

Steps to be followed:

Let me start by saying that everyone has different and unique style of drawing things. So take what you want from this tutorial and leave the rest to yourself.

Step 1: Draw a outline of an old wrinkled eye. If you are a beginner, use a pencil to draw the outlines otherwise directly starting with colored pencil can be little harder to erase, so it’s better to use normal HB pencil so that the stray lines can be erased easily before coloring. Although using a colored pencil is still a better option than normal pencil because while coloring, pencil marks ruins  the whole drawing with black shaded effect from outlines and is also visible even after through the colors. So the beginners who wish to start of with pencil should erase it marks completely with great care to get better output. You can also refer to magazines and drawing books to get an idea of various forms of eyes to be drawn.

an unnatural colored eye (step 1)

Step 2: Once you are satisfied and have finalized your drawing, remove the black lines of pencil and draw with any light coloured pencil.

an unnatural colored eye (step 2)

Step 3: Now cover the eye area with different shades of colour. The pressure while coloring in the beginning must be lighter. Any hard stroke can be troubled latter part of the drawing.

an unnatural colored eye (step 3)

Step 4: Start coloring the effective areas. Keep on changing the color after a certain period as you’re free to color whatever and wherever you want. But one thing that has to keep in mind is that the color shades should be according to the grey tone. Such as, if the picture is to be converted into black and white, it should look like a natural black and white old wrinkled eye.

an unnatural colored eye (step 4)

Step 5: Keep the eye brows, lashes and the eye ball dark whereas middle part of the nose and eye lighter, like shown below :

an unnatural colored eye (step 5)

Here is the final sketch that i have drawn :

an unnatural colored eye (final pic)

Look the black and white version of this below ;).

an unnatural colored eye (final pic bnw)

Tips for the project:

» Every eye has a unique pattern, so add yours. Use light pencil strokes in the beginning whereas dark pencil strokes in the end.

» Draw light if you don’t know which color shade is actually or naturally done in a natural eye. Add more detailing & styling.

» Keep on checking the color tone matching with the natural black and white eye standard set in your mind by closing your eye a little and seeing through it. This will make your tiny eyes to look darker and capturing the odds that are actually troubling the drawing.

Follow these tips that has to be considered to enjoy making this old wrinkled eye or any other form of eye ;).

Send me your Eyes sketches too :)!!!

I would love to see your eyes drawing, so send them to us on any of our media. If you’re creative enough, we might post them on the website. 😉 🙂

Adios !! 🙂

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