Crystallized Salty Nail Art

Hello girls! Today, I’m going to illustrate you on how to do a “Salt” Nail Art. I know this may sound little weird but, Yes! You get it right, SALT on your nails. Salt will give your nails a 3 dimensional texture. This reproduce a similar effect of pastel and crystallized look just like those Caviar Nails, but without using those expensive caviar beads. They are all the rage now!!. For this nail -art design you can either use table salt or iodized salt.  Salt on your nails give a rough look which is pretty trendy , but  you may be worried that your nails will taste salty all the time you eat something. Well, you don’t need to worry about that, applying a plenty of top coat onto your nails will stop tasting like salt. After applying the top coat, the nail art stays for few more days and does not chip off easily 🙂 .

I, personally love this nail art a lot because it does not require any tool and can be done in minutes. And  another reason for loving this nail art is that it reminds me of Sour Patch Kid’s Sugar Candies 😉 🙂.

Anyway, coming on to the topic,  the process is really simple and considering what you need, it is very cheap as well.

 Things you need:

Green Nail Lacquer

Funky Pink Nail Lacquer

A tablespoon of White Salt

Clear Top Coat

A synthetic brush (optional)

Crystallized Salty Nail Art-mat req.

 So let’s get started:

Step 1. You just need a nail polish. Any nail paint can do, however the brighter your nail lacquer is, the better result you will get. But for my first attempt I have chosen  green and funky pink color. So apply a coat or two on your nails alternatively.

Crystallized Salty Nail Art-step 1

Step 2. While the base nail polish is wet, spread some fine salt all over the nail.

Crystallized Salty Nail Art-step 2

Step 3: Now, dab slightly with your fingers and brush off the excess salt. Wait for a minute and you’ll see the white salt you spread has turned colored now.

Crystallized Salty Nail Art-step 3

Step 4. However, I was a bit concerned with its resistance to water, but then I noticed that if you cover all the salt with a generous amount of topper, it is 100% water proof. So in the last step, apply a transparent nail polish topper all over your nails. Applying a top coat also give the crystallized effect to it.

Crystallized Salty Nail Art-step 4


Crystallized Salty Nail Art-final image


Crystallized Salty Nail Art-final image.


 If you find this nail art little less textured, you can also use sugar.

 It should not be done on busy days as it needs little extra time to dry and to take care of.

I hope you enjoyed ! Thanks. 🙂

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