“Cute Piglet Nail-Art”

Hey girls, Today I’ll present a beautiful manicure idea for you. This idea is  inspired from a very famous fictional character Piglet” (Winnie-The Pooh’s closest friend). Despite the fact that he was a very small animal yet cutest and favorite of all, specially lil’ girls ;). Every girl relishes for pink shades either it be a dress, shoe, room, bag or pink nails. Thus, inspiring from that color, Ihave made this perfectly adorablePiglet Nail-Art” today 🙂. You can also flourish this on any occasion. This nail art is perfectly suited on short and medium size nails.

Do you want to know the procedure how I made it? Okay !! Then what are you thinking for ? 😉

Let’s begin with the material I’ve used:

  •  Dark pink nail lacquer
  •  Light pink nail lacquer
  •  White nail lacquer
  •  Black nail lacquer
  •  Top coat
  •  2 toothpicks

piglet nail art material required

How to make:  

Step 1: Once you have collected all the nail lacquers and tools needed to make this nail art design. Start by applying a clear base coat. Then paint the middle finger nail and pinkie finger nail with dark pink nail lacquer while make a half curve downwards on thumb nail, index and ring finger nail with light pink nail lacquer respectively as shown below.

piglet nail art step 1

Step 2: Create small white dots on the middle and pinkie finger nail with the help of a toothpick. You can also use dotting tool used for manicures.

piglet nail art step 2

Step 3: Make semi-circular shape for the nose at the base of each nail; and cone shaped ears on the upper part of painted nail.

piglet nail art step 3

Step 4:  Put two tiny dots for eyes and two lined dots as nostrils of piglet. Follow the same step on rest of the nails except the middle and index finger. 😀

piglet nail art step 4

Step 5: Once you lay down everything give your nail art a final touch by applying a top coat over it. You can also use glittery transparent nail lacquer to be used as a top coat.

piglet nail art step 5

Here’s an ultimate picture of piglet nail art. 🙂

piglet nail art step final

Try it on your own nails and have fun cuties! 🙂


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