Dots within Dots Design Nail-Art

Are you bored of Polka Dots? Here in this article, I’ll show you an interesting way to create Dotted Nail Art to flaunt it on your nail in a new AVATAR.

It is really a unique way to renovate the polka trend.

Things you’ll need:

• Blue Nail Polish

• White Nail Polish

• Black Nail polish

• Nail Art Dotting Tool/ Toothpicks/ Bobby Pins/ Cotton Buds

• Clear Top Coat

How to make:

Step 1: Apply the Blue and White Nail Polish as a base coat on your nails one after another as shown below and allow it to dry.

Dots within dots nail-art Step -1

Step 2: Dip the end of the your Dotting Tool and dab big dots on each nail, white big dots on blue base polish and black dots on white base polish. Those who don’t have any Dotting Tool can also go with Toothpicks, Cotton Buds or Bobby pins. However, Cotton bud will be better to use for big dots and to make tiny dots, you may use Toothpick end.

Dots within dots nail-art Step -2

Step 3: Just dab some more small dots on your nails and also the little dots on the bigger ones. While making more than one dot over the bigger dot, make sure the first color is completely dry before going on to the second.

Dots within dots nail-art Step-3

Step 4: Once you have completed your dotting, apply a generous amount of Top Coat for the smoother effect.

And Your done! 😀 Yayyyy!!!

Dots within dots nail-art

Have A nice Day 🙂

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