Easy Abstract Design Nail-Art

Abstract Design

Hey Friends, I just love making abstract design either it be nail-art designs, paintings or any other art work. So this time I’ve made it on nails. This is trendy and cool. The basic yellow, green and red color looks so marvelous together and enhances each other. Further down is a step by step description: 

All you need is :

 Thin nail-art brush

 Yellow nail lacquer

 Red nail lacquer

 Dark green nail lacquer

 Light green nail lacquer

 Top coat

Abstract design nail-art material required

Lets start making:

Step 1: Paint your nails with different nail lacquer shades as specified below:

Thumb nail – Yellow
Index             – Dark green
Middle           – Red
Ring                – Yellow
Pinkie            – Dark green

Abstract design nail-art1

Step 2: Well firstly, I started with the middle finger nail. I spotted dots within dots directly on to the nail. 

Abstract design nail-art step 2

Abstract design nail-art3

Step 3: Aww!! 🙂 Isn’t this pinkie finger nail looking cute? I made half flower at the lower base of nail and half at the corner tip. 

Abstract design nail-art Step 3

Abstract design nail-art4

Step 4: After that, middle one is designed as related to the pinkie nail. As done previously, here also I painted only half flower at the corners of the nail.

Abstract design nail-art step 4

Abstract design nail-art5

Step 5: Look at the yellow and red spots made on the dark green base nail lacquer just like I designed ring finger nail. I always love how a dark green and bright yellow color mingles with each other.

Abstract design nail-art step 5

Abstract design nail-art Step 6

Step 6: In the last, I made clean lines by the help of a thin brush. As you can see some yellow dots I spotted on the red line so as to make it more highlighted. 

Abstract design nail-art step 6

abstract design nail-art-6

Step 7: Finally when all the nails are painted well. Apply a clear shine top coat and you’re ready to flaunt them.

abstract design nail-art step -7

Thanks for reading. Hope you love it! 🙂 🙂

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