Floral Print Nail-Art

Howdy Girls! I am back again with another trendy Mani :). Springy season is recognized as the season of flowers or floras. Fashion’s on going love affair with floral prints continues for Spring and Summers. So this time I’ve brought you a real voguish nail art design,floral print nail art’. However floral prints are suited for all occasions, but spring and summer are best suited for flower print because they make you feel calm, gloomy and of-course, pretty! So be ready to embrace your inner lady with this floral print nail art design. This season floral prints come in soft pastel colors and vibrant hues. All of these have some variation of the garden theme.

With the floral print trend you can be in full bloom for long. Start with the following instructions to get your flowery nails.

Stuff required:

= Dark and Light Green Nail Enamel

= Red Nail Enamel

= Pink Nail Enamel

= White Nail Enamel

= Clear Top Coat.

floral print nailart material required

Follow the steps below:

Step 1. Clean your nails by removing the previous nail color left over and apply a white nail enamel on all nails. If one coat is not enough, put 2-3 coats.

floral print nail-art step 1

Step 2. Apply red nail enamel making a flower like shape on each nail. This can be done by dabbing four dots together 2-3 times on a nail as shown in picture below.

floral print nail-art step 2

Step 3. Repeat the same step with pink nail enamel, but this time the dots should be dabbed with some space evenly.

floral print nail-art step 3

Step 4: Now make a stem base with light green nail enamel starting with all flowers.

floral print nail-art step  4

Step 5: At the end, make tiny leaves with dark green nail enamel randomly.

floral print nail-art step  5

Step 6: Now it’s time to give it a final touch ;)! Apply a top clear coat on your nails all over to give it  smooth and shiny effect. The main reason to apply a top coat at the end of the nail art is that; it protects the design and allow it to stay for more days, at-least for a week.

floral print nail-art step  6

floral print nail-art step 7

The flowers in this nail-art can also be done with different color combinations such as orange-yellow, red- sky blue, pink-white or any colour combination of your choice of your choice. At the end, don’t forget to click a picture of your nail art done and also share it with us. 🙂

floral print nail-art final

Wear cute & pretty dresses with this nail-art and let your nails do all the talking. 😉

Good-bye. Cheerio! XD


  1. by Archana on November 13, 2014  10:25 am Reply

    Wow! What a background wall it's so attractive.. All pics are very beautiful.. Thanks for give me some information about Floral Print Nail-Art.. I will try make this nail art own my nails.. This season floral prints come in soft pastel colors and vibrant hues. All of these have some variation of the garden theme.. I will visit on this site again.. I am sure this site would be helpful and useful for every girl.. I am thankful to you.. Keep it up..
    For more information visit on this site

    • by Ojal Sharma on November 15, 2014  4:51 pm Reply

      Thanks a lot Archana for appreciating us. We'll be bringing more creative ideas for lovely readers like you. Thanks again and best wishes for your site. :)

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