Lady Bird Nail Art Design

Hey fellas! Do you love making nail art ??  but finish with everything messed up around or don’t know the right way to do it exactly the way you want. So today I’ve got a treat for all those beginners who love doing nail art but are not so good with those skills.  All you need to do is just follow the grounded steps : 

What You Need :

 ♥ Black nail paint
 ♥ Red nail paint
 ♥ Black nail art pen ( You can also use a dotting tool or toothpick)
 ♥ And a top coat

Material required for  lady bird nail art

Step 1:  Paint each of your nails with a red nail enamel.

Lady Bird nail art step 1

Step 2 : Make curves on the tip of the nails just like we do in French manicure.

Lady bird nail art step 2

Step 3 :  Now, make vertical lines in the middle.

lady bird nail art step 3

Step 4 :  Add on some small polka dots on either side of the line with your black nail art pen or the dotting tool. Else who don’t have any of these can also opt tooth picks.

lady bird nail art step 4

Step 5 : To make the ladybird’s eyes, create big  white circle and put on a smaller dot over it.

lady bird nail art step 5

Step 6 :  Last but not least, when you’re done with the eyes , apply a top coat and let it dry !

 lady bird  nail art design

So flaunt your nails today  and rock!!!

lady bird nail art design final

Have a rocking day girls! 🙂

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