Retro Flower and Leaf Design Nail Art

Indo-style, Vintage or you can say Retro nail-art. Well I’m in love with it. You may find a great collection of Vintage or Retro inspired fashion among people and all over the globe. So I’ve got the same vogue for you in a new style. 😉 🙂

Material to be Required :

♠ Sky Blue Nail Polish

♠ Light And Dark Orange Nail Polish

♠ Light and Dark Red Nail Polish

♠ Black Nail Art Pen

♠ Clear Top Coat

retro nailart material required

Steps to be followed:

Step 1: As always! Polish your nails with a base coat of a sky blue shade.

retro-flower-and-leaf-nailart (1)

Step 2: Make ‘not so clean’ curves on the sides of every nail with Red and Orange Nail Polish.

retro-flower-and-leaf-nailart (2)

Step 3: Fill the gaps with the lighter shade of orange within the curves made with Dark Orange Nail Polish before.

retro-flower-and-leaf-nailart (3)

Step 4: Follow the same step as the previous one but with another Nail Color. Fill the gaps with the lighter shade of Red Nail Polish in the curves made with darker shade of Red.

retro-flower-and-leaf-nailart (4)

Step 5: Time to make leafs. Again follow the same procedure as making of flowers. Make a shape of a leaf with Dark Green Nail Polish and fill in the Light Green Nail Polish to give it the same effect as given with flowers.

retro-flower-and-leaf-nailart (5)

Step 6: Now create lines with Black Nail Art Pen to define them accurately.

retro-flower-and-leaf-nailart (6)

Step 7: At last, apply a layer of Clear Top Coat.

retro-flower-and-leaf-nailart (7)

And you’re done! Enjoy! 🙂

retro-flower-and-leaf-nailart (8)

Have a happy weekend girls!  🙂 🙂


  1. by Ranvir on January 6, 2015  4:52 am Reply

    wow this is really a unique web site and amazing work for nail art.. you share a great information about the nail art.. these nail art are usefully for me.. i will definitely try it on to the any occasion.. i really like it.. its just a fantastic site.. Keep it up.. Thanks for sharing with us..

    • by Ojal Sharma on January 7, 2015  4:06 am Reply

      I'm overwhelmed with such praise. Thanks Ranvir for visiting and sparing your time with us. :)

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